Make Impactful Decisions with Advanced Analytics and Actionable Insights

InQuartik’s Patentcloud is a globally recognized patent search engine platform that leverages multiple innovative technologies to power actionable intelligence. The intuitive interface allows all users to easily access a quality-focused database of global patents to support patent life cycle management or business intelligence and valuation. Whether you are a professional, researcher, engineer, designer, investor or even new user, our feature-rich platform will support better business decisions.

Patent Search

Patentcloud’s smart Patent Search offers you access to an up-to-date large database of the world’s patents. Support business decisions with our big data analytical tools that is scalable to all your requirements. Quickly understand patent relationships with our easy-to-read data visualization analytics. Our cloud-based solution makes it simple to communicate and collaborate on projects.

Semantic Search

Power your search with our AI-powered intelligent semantic search. Our AI technology aims to drive greater search accuracy by understanding the intent and context of your search. Compared to a keyword search, which results in documents only containing the specific keyword, our AI technology considers how you think about a subject through multiple variables, such as context, intent, variations of words, natural language, etc. Search and discover global patents at the speed of now.

Validity Insights

Immediately uncover hidden insights and understand the true quality of a target patent. Leveraging InQuartik’s quality-focused patent database, you will benefit from the capabilities to dig deeper into a target patent’s validity to determine the strength of a patent claim. Our optical character recognition technology ensures a comprehensive file history resulting in a Validity Insights summary that is information-rich details.

Design Search

Be Unique! Patentcloud’s Design Search enables you to create unique designs while steering clear of other similar designs. Our deep learning algorithm analyzes your design and intelligently matches it to our comprehensive database of US and China design patents. From Image Processing to Image Search, our AI technology provides you with a clear overview of where your product stands compared to others while maintaining your product’s look and feel. Create greater design value with our cloud-based Design Search solution.