Immediately Uncover Hidden Insightsand Discover the True Qualityof a Patent

Unearth the validity as well as the strengths and weaknesses of a patent in one click,with Validity Insights, Patentcloud’s exclusive analytics product.

Key Features

Overview of Prosecution and Post-Grant Proceedings
Searchable File Wrappers
Prior Art by Semantic Similarity
Second-Degree Prior Art

Prosecution and Post-Grant Proceedings at a Glance

Quickly and conveniently view major substantive prosecution issues and main events during reexaminations or IPR/CBM/PGR proceedings, saving you time and increasing your efficiency.

Searchable File Wrappers at the Speed of Now

Conduct a keyword search of file wrappers to identify prosecution history estoppel and claim scope disavowal issues quickly and easily.

With Validity Insights, you can even search additional claim terms within rejections.

The Most Relevant Prior Art, Right Away

With one click, dig through layers of data to find the Top 50 prior art most relevant to your search, thanks to Patentcloud's proprietary AI-powered Semantic Search algorithm.

Conveniently View Unique Second-Degree Prior Art

Instantly enhance your prior art search capabilities—Validity Insights delivers an additional degree of prior art references, extended from citations under 35 U.S.C. § 102 or 103 in prosecution history and post-grant proceedings.

Discover the Validity of a Patent Now!

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