Apple granted a smart ring patent, Skechers calls out Nike in L.A. Times ad, patent-pending on ‘invisibility cloak’, and more stories.

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Apple was granted a patent for a smart ring this week. The official title is “Devices, methods, and user interfaces for a wearable electronic ring computing device.” This is Apple’s first smart ring patent and it apparently has biometrics, touchpad, and Siri to control numerous devices including televisions, computers and TV boxes. • Read the full story.

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CommScope patents have been upheld by the German Federal Patent Court. The German Federal Patent Court has rejected challenges by technology company COMLAB regarding the validity of the German part of EU Patent EP1022849B1, which is owned by CommScope’s affiliate Andrew Wireless Systems.

The Federal Patent Court has already upheld the German part of EU Patent EP2180605B1 in March this year. COMLAB filed an appeal against the Federal Patent Court’s ruling that is now pending before the Federal Supreme Court. • Read the full story.

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UPL ordered to pay $31m to AgroFresh in patent infringement case. Indian chemical company UPL Ltd. was defeated in court by a small Philadelphia-based agrotech, partly for infringing its patent on a technology that keeps apples fresh in storage after harvest. The award was less than a tenth of the $346.2 million AgroFresh had initially asked for. • Read the full story.

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Skechers calls out Nike. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles earlier this month, Nike alleged that “Skechers’ business strategy includes copying its competitors’ designs to gain market share.” In response to the accusation, Skechers took out a half-page ad in the L.A. times and directly addressed its competitors’ claims.

In the ad, Skechers outlined which of its designs are targeted by the lawsuit and attempts to make clear that the lawsuit “merely contains Nike’s unproven allegations.” • Read the full story.

Texas-based Innoventions has won a patent for a skin-based virtual touchpad for wearables. The concept could broaden user interactions with next-generation wearable technology. The new patent, “Virtual Touchpads for Wearable and Portable Devices,” covers new technology for interacting with smartwatches by motioning your fingers on the back of your hand, creating a sizeable virtual touchpad.

The company is now licensing its virtual touchpad technology to smartwatch makers and also hints that another related patent is pending. • Read the full story.

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Patent-pending on ‘Invisibility cloak’ material that can bend light to hide objects. The patent-pending Quantum Stealth material can hide a target as well as being able to bend in ultraviolet, infrared, and shortwave infrared. It can block the Therman Spectrum, which is how it got the nickname ‘Broadband Invisibility cloak.’ The product is not expensive and has no power source. It can hide many objects, including army vehicles and ships. • Read the full story.

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