The Many Applications of AI

A report by Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP highlights the trends in this sector.

AI can be applied to a diverse spectrum of technologies and businesses

Popular patent filing areas are:

  • Pattern Recognition — the automatic recognition of regularities in data;
  • Predictive Analysis — analyzing historical data to make predictions about future events;
  • Neural Networks — computing systems inspired by the biological brain that can learn.

The top three AI patent filers are IBM, Microsoft, and Google

IBM dominates by providing business solutions with its platform Watson, while startups like Magic Leap and CognitiveScale are showing their strengths in VR and financial services.

A report by GreyB has indicated three characteristics of AI patenting trends

  • There is an increasing percentage of foreign applications;
  • Some innovations have encountered Alice rejections;
  • AI-related innovations have a higher possibility of being allowed than similar innovations in the Fintech realm due to the different nature of examination methods.

Discover mnore in the infographic below and read the full report here.

artificial intelligence patent trends