Patent News: China and EPO announce closer patent cooperation, Amazon backs Best Buy in NPE patent infringement lawsuit, WIPO report highlights patent activity and trends, and more top stories.

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On November 12, the Chinese and European patent offices announced that they will be cooperating even more closely in the future. In specific, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applicants who file an application in English at the Chinese patent office will now have the option to select the European Patent Office (EPO) to review the claims. As the designated International Searching Authority (ISA), the EPO would search for prior art and provide an opinion on the patentability of these applications. The Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) commissioner called the agreement a “solid step for China to further enhance its international cooperation on IP protection.” • Read the full story.

Amazon has stepped in to back Best Buy in a patent infringement lawsuit brought about by a non-practicing entity (NPE). The suit was filed in September by the NPE Corydoras Technologies against Best Buy over the retailer’s sales of the Amazon Fire Series tablets. Amazon has said that the NPE is simply trying to wrangle a settlement out of Best Buy and has asked for the suit to be dismissed, calling it “meritless.” Corydoras Technologies has stated that its patent number 7,945,256, which involves voice communication, has been infringed; the company has already sued a number of other big-name companies, including Apple, Sony, and Huawei, over similar claims. • Read the full story.

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently published its “Indicators 2019″ report. Some of the highlights featured in an IAM article about the report include the following about patents worldwide: 3.3 million patent applications were filed in 2018; an estimated 1.42 million patents were issued in 2018; and US-based businesses filed the most PCT applications but were trailed closely by Chinese entities. Overall, the WIPO report seems to indicate that patent activity around the world remains healthy and is continuing to grow. Read the full story.

Apple has been granted a patent that involves magnetic fabrics and materials. Newly granted patent 10,475,560 relates to magnetic material that could be used to form clasps or closures for seams. It has been suggested that this patent could be useful in developing new types of bands for Apple Watch or new types of covers or cases for electronic devices or accessories that would be easier to close. • Read the full story.

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Earlier this year, the USPTO issued a request for public input on artificial intelligence and patents. Now, the USPTO is once again seeking feedback from the public, but this time the focus is on AI and copyrights. Altogether, there are 13 main questions in the request. An example of one question is as follows: if copyrighted material is used to train AI, “Should authors be recognized for this type of use of their works? If so, how?” Any comments should be submitted to the USPTO before December 16. • Read the full story

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