Patent news: Apple’s AR headphones patent granted by the USPTO, Coinbase granted patent for AI-based crypto compliance system, and more top stories.

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Apple AR headphones patent granted by the USPTO. Imagine wearing a headset on a conference call and knowing the position of everyone in the room simply by listening to the sound. It appears that Apple is preparing to develop AR audio headphones and has just been granted a patent covering the related technology by the USPTO. ‘Intelligent augmented audio conference calling using headphones,’ the patent states how augmented reality headsets take metadata generated from audio signals and “associates each of the audio signals with a spatial position in a virtual representation of the conference call.” • Read the full story.

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Coinbase Granted Patent for AI-Based Crypto Compliance System. US-based crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has been granted a patent for a new scoring tool for strengthening compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention through flagging non-compliant accounts. 

Particulars about the recently issued patent show how Coinbase can build a warning system that includes different severity levels based on their self-calculated score for each specific vulnerability and risk factors. Read the full story.

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European court favors Huawei in SolarEdge infringement case. Manufacturer of inverters, SolarEdge, suffered a double blow after patent infringement actions brought against rival Huawei were thrown out of court, and a European patent held by the company was revoked. SolarEdge has since confirmed that it intends to appeal against the decision.

Mannheim Regional Court in Germany heard two cases brought forward by SolarEdge against Huawei, claiming that the China-based tech giant infringed on its patents relating to its multi-level inverter topology technology, otherwise known as HD Wave.Read the full story.

The US seeks changes to patents and GIs. According to a US-UK trade leak, the two countries have discussed lengthening patents for medicines, with US officials having “pushed hard” for extended patents for US drug firms. Jeremy Corbyn brought the leaked documents to a UK general election press conference on Wednesday this week. The papers outline discussions between the US and UK on various IP issues, including patents, the Unified Patent Court (UPC), and geographical indications (GIs).

Mr. Corbyn stated that “longer patents mean only one thing – more expensive drugs. Lives will be put at risk as a result of this.” Read the full story.

Microsoft granted new patent for a high-efficiency portable speaker. The title reads ‘High-efficiency speaker with multi-magnet structure,’ the patent was granted on Tuesday this week. The patent shows that the device has a cylindrical shape, and looks comparable to conventional speakers.

The patent reads, “In traditional large speakers, flexible, corrugated support called a spider is used to suspend the voice coil in place within a basket housing. In a different variant, the spider can attach to the membrane (e.g., diaphragm) on one side and a basket or magnet on the other side, providing stabilization for the membrane throughout its corresponding range of motion.” • Read the full story.

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Vibesta wins design infringement suit against Rotolight. Lighting manufacturer Rotolight took legal action against its competitor, Vibesta, back in May, for allegedly infringing upon its design patents. The dispute was over the design of their Peragos Disk light, which allegedly infringed upon the design patents of the Rotolight Neo 2.

Vibesta declared that they had won the case against Rotolight in the District Court of The Hague. Vibesta stated that the court had ruled that the Vibesta Peragos Disk did not infringe on Rotolight’s design, and isn’t an imitation of Rotolight’s Neo lights. Read the full story.

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