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📌 The USPTO granted Apple 62 patents on 9/3, including three patents related to the Apple Watch. One of the three patents covers the potential for next-generation Biometrics solely for the Apple Watch. The second patent relates to an Apple Watch band that informs users of their health status etc. The third patent covers a system to constantly and intuitively keep the Apple Watch band tight enough to measure the user’s pulse along with other health-related stats.

View the three patents here using Patent Search by Patentcloud:

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📌 Huawei has accused the US government of attempting to hack into its internal computer networks.
The Chinese tech giant is also angered at the alleged ongoing patent theft probes, implying that they are nothing but a smokescreen for the US government to spy on them.

➡️ http://bit.ly/2kldpHn

📌 US startup Super Hi-Fi has been granted a patent which will help music-streaming services to sound like broadcast radio – with AI that can drop brand stings, news and interview snippets, ads and other audio into personalized streams.

The company released a statement about its technology ‘MagicStitch.’

“The patent covers the intelligent stitching of music and other audio content to create a dynamic audio experience across a myriad of listening platforms.”

➡️ http://bit.ly/2m03l6R

📌 Samsung filed a patent for a blockchain-compatible SSD. Samsung’s latest blockchain patent application was announced this Tuesday and the patent covers a blockchain-compatible solid-state drive (SSD.) The system is anticipated to be used for improving the performance of blockchain-ready storage devices. Samsung is one of the world’s leading firms involved in registering blockchain-related patents.

➡️ http://bit.ly/2lBDdz0

📌 South Korean Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd has filed a lawsuit in the District Court of Mannheim, Germany, accusing Conrad Electronic S.E. of infringing on its patent for ‘Roughened Light Extraction Surface’ technology.

A statement from Chung Hoon Lee, the company founder, adds:

“Seoul will continue enforcement actions against manufacturers, distributors, and end-brand companies that do not respect intellectual property. We will also take all necessary actions against companies that lure our employees away in an attempt to gain unlawful access to Seoul’s trade secrets.”

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