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📌 Apple rolled out its new iPhone 11 line this week to much hullaballoo in California. Needless to say, many were underwhelmed, citing a lack of game-changing innovative technology in these devices. For this, some experts say that 2020 may be the year for the next truly innovative iPhone, and a recently granted patent suggests that the next iPhones will incorporate advanced Touch ID technology that not only scans but also maps and 3-D models user’s fingerprints. 

View one of Apple’s latest touch-screen patents here using Patent Search by Patentcloud, our could-based IP intelligence platform: https://bit.ly/2kd8ckC

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📌 Investors in China are increasingly paying closer attention to the IP portfolios of Chinese companies and even closely scrutinizing the patents inside. In some cases, it has been discovered that companies have exaggerated the strength of their patent portfolios. In one case, a company claimed to have 110 granted Chinese patents, but only 13 were for invention patents—and 95 were for unexamined utility models. It seems that the need for robust patent portfolio analysis—and the AI-powered, one-click solutions to deliver this—are greater than ever.

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📌 Although Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) remains embroiled in the patent infringement lawsuit with GlobalFoundries (GF) that was launched by the latter in early September, TSMC has reported record-high revenues of US$3.4 billion in August. Reports say that TSMC has received large orders from HiSilicon, AMD, Apple, and MediaTek, and strong 7nm chip demand will drive growth in fourth-quarter revenues.

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📌 Sharp recently announced that it has reached a patent licensing agreement with Samsung covering wireless communication standard-essential patents (SEP), including LTE. It has been reported that Sharp has more than 6,000 patents in its 3G/4G/5G SEP portfolios, which could indicate that even more licensing agreements will be in the works in the future.

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