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Litigation Daily is an online patent lawsuit database that collects details on the latest US patent litigation cases. Critical information includes the prosecution and post-proceedings history, possible validity issues, and the potential prior art of the patents involved in US district court, ITC, and PTAB cases. Spot potential opportunities by simply performing a patent lawsuit search.
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0 new cases in District Court, 0 in PTAB, and 0 in ITC.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Client Relationship Building and Business Opportunity Management

Attorneys can keep-up-to-date with recent patent cases, quickly grasp the current litigation market situation, and respond to any client issues immediately. Additionally, Litigation Daily helps attorneys to provide suitable professional services and support to their clients accordingly.

2. Foresee Litigation Issues

Stay ahead of the game and exercise caution when dealing with the litigation market with recent patent cases. Litigation Daily can be used to foresee any future litigation issues that may affect your business, thus allowing you to stay prepared at all times.

The number of patents listed for each plaintiff, defendant, patent owner, and petitioner is calculated by the total number of patents that this particular current assignee has obtained. This information is gathered using Patentcloud’s powerful database.

When there is no visible ITC data, it means that there are no recently filed ITC cases to look into.

Litigation Daily provides the number of patents owned by the named specific assignee only, the data does not include any related affiliates. As for the number of patents from the Patent Search results, this number is calculated with the standardized assignee, which includes all names of the specific assignee.

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We only displayed the patent number of that particular assignee; therefore, if the assignee has other names, the data will not be captured.

When the number of patents owned is displayed as 0, it may indicate:

  • The plaintiff is not the patent owner, but has the exclusive licensing authority.
  • The patent assignment data has not yet being registered at USPTO

Why are some file wrapper data not available?

  • We only provide data that can be retrieved online, which are the patents granted after 2003. Therefore, the specific patent you are looking into may have been granted before 2003.
  • The patent at issue may simply have no rejections.