Huawei willing to license its 5G portfolio, Apple sued for infringing on OLED patents, and more top stories.

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Huawei willing to license its 5G portfolio

Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei opened up to the possibility of licensing, for a flat upfront fee, the company’s existing 5G patents, codes, technical blueprints, and production know-how. The transaction—if ever there would be one—would give the buyer unlimited and perpetual access to the portfolio and might be Huawei’s chance to ease concerns about the Chinese government relying on the company’s equipment to spy on cell networks, consequently avoiding the ban that will go into effect in November this year. • Read the full story.

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Apple sued for infringing OLED patents

An OLED patent aggregator firm based in Ireland—Solas OLED—filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The three patents listed in the complaint relate to OLED architecture and the products that may end up involved in the case range from the Apple Watch to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro; the iPhone is included in the lineup as well. It is not clear, however, why the firm targeted Apple—which doesn’t produce the OLED screens featured in its devices—and not the main manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. • Read the full story.

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US portfolio acquired by Huawei

Huawei acquired its first US patent portfolio since the restrictions introduced in May. The transaction records at the USPTO show that the purchase took place at the end of August, and involved a small portfolio of 28 patents that originally belonged to Fullpower, a Santa Cruz-based technology company. Backed by a portfolio of more than 125 assets for bio-sensing, non-invasive PSG-level sleep technology, Fullpower’s key markets are medical solutions, clinical trials, smart home, and wearable sectors. Huawei is expanding in the last two sectors especially. • Read the full story.

Take a look at the assignment details from the USPTO.

Toyota files new patent application for assessing a driver’s skills

Toyota Research Institute—Toyota’s AI subsidiary—filed a patent application for technologies that can evaluate, in real-time, a driver’s skills and then compares them to a theoretically perfect autonomous car. The results of this evaluation would then be used to decide whether the car’s autonomous features should be activated or not. The new technology can be used to assist inexperienced or elderly drivers in those specific scenarios where they might have troubles governing the wheel by themselves. • Read the full story.

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Apple files patent for a prescription lenses-conscious headset

Apple filed a patent application for a headset that addresses the issue of prescription lenses. Following Samsung and Google, the Cupertino company also started showing interest in this aspect, which may hinder the mass distribution of future products since half or more of the US population wears prescription lenses. Claim 1 of the application—which updates an original one from 2010—states: “A head-mounted apparatus comprising: […] a processor configured to adjust the optical subassembly based on prescription information.” • Read the full story.

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Italian and Russian charged with stealing jet engine trade secrets

Two individuals from Italy and Russia have been charged with trade secrets theft after attempting to steal designs related to jet engines from GE Aviation. According to the Department of Justice’s unsealed complaint, the Italian national—a former director of an Italian subsidiary of GE Aviation—joined the company where the Russian national worked, where he hired employees from his former workplace to draft a report on jet engine gearboxes. • Read the full story.

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