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GNOME Facing Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Rothschild Patent Imaging has accused The GNOME Foundation of patent infringement over its Shotwell personal photo manager. 

Rothschild claims that Shotwell infringes upon its patent which covers a “Wireless Image Distribution System and Method” because it uses “an image capturing device” and “imports and filters photographic images from cameras, allowing users to organize the photos and share them on social media.”

The lawsuit adds that GNOME’s patent infringement is “causing irreparable harm and monetary damage to [Rothschild] and will continue to do so.”

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Samsung Dual-Display Smartphone Patent Published

Samsung filed a patent with the USPTO for a smartphone featuring a dual-display back in June 2018, and the patent has recently been published.

The patent shows a smartphone with slim, square edges, a narrow bezel at the top of the front display, a dual-camera on the rear in the top left corner, and the volume rocker and power button on the right edge.

Samsung isn’t the first company to put a display on the back of a smartphone, but if the Samsung patent comes to light, it will be one of the first mainstream manufacturers to offer the technology. It’s worth noting that Vivo did it with the Nex Dual Display smartphone.

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Specifio Secures Patent Covering Patent Auto-Drafting Technology

Specifio, the patent document automation company has announced that the USPTO has issued them a patent covering their auto-drafting technology.

Specifio’s newly issued patent is entitled “Systems and Methods for Using Machine Learning and Rules-Based Algorithms to Create a Patent Specification Based on Human-Provided Patent Claims Such That the Patent Specification Is Created Without Human Intervention.”

“This patent makes claims in connection with our technology that allows a few attorney-written pages about an invention, i.e., the claims, to be converted into a first-draft patent application,” states Ian Schick, Specifio’s Co-Founder and CEO. “This is the first patent to issue of our over thirty patent applications filed in the US and abroad, which further confirms Specifio’s leadership in developing patent document automation technologies,” Mr. Schick went on to add.

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Huawei Patents Mate X 2 Foldable Phone with Stylus

Huawei is busy developing the second generation Mate X 2 foldable smartphone. The patent for the Mate X 2 was filed by Huawei back in February 2019 with the USPTO and on September 26, 2019, the patent was added to the WIPO database. 

The patent shows a Mate X like design with space at the bottom to store a stylus. Earlier this month, Huawei indicated that they are interested in updating Mate X with a better SoC. There’s a slight chance that Mate X 2 might just be another Mate X with a better spec and the additional stylus.

A recent message from Huawei terminal customer service officer Guan Wei has revealed that the company is aiming for October to launch it’s first foldable phone.

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New Apple Patent Granted this Tuesday Covering Keyboard Design

The USPTO officially published a series of 45 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. including a new keyboard design with the goal of making future MacBooks even thinner.

According to Apple, the proposed MacBook design will include a keyboard assembly having a reduced stack-up and one or more dome switches directly connected to one or more membrane layers or pads that, in turn, may be connected directly to a printed circuit board.

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