TSMC countersues GF for patent infringement, Nike sues Skechers for design patent infringement, and more top stories.

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TSMC strikes back against GF

Claiming that GlobalFoundries Inc. (GF) has infringed 25 of its patents, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd. (TSMC) has filed a countersuit against the US-based chipmaker in the United States, Germany, and Singapore. The lawsuits appear to be in response to legal actions taken by GF over a month ago in which the company sued TSMC for infringing 16 of its patents.  In its lawsuits, TSMC has requested injunctions against GF to stop the company from making or selling chips that infringe TSMC’s patents. TSMC is also seeking “substantial monetary damages.” • Read the full story.

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Nike sues Skechers for infringing design patents

In a federal court in Los Angeles, Nike has accused Skechers USA of infringing 12 design patents. According to Nike, Skechers copied the designs of the Nike VaporMax and Air Max 270 shoes to create similar shoes of their own. This isn’t the first time Nike has accused Skechers of copying designs–Nike has already filed two similar lawsuits against Skechers and has claimed the Skechers has adopted a “copying strategy”. Read the full story.

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A touchscreen keyboard you can feel from Apple?

It appears that Apple is taking steps in the direction of developing a virtual keyboard that is more like a traditional keyboard. A recent patent application by the company describes a system of haptic motors and electrostatic charges that come together to create the sensation of a keyboard with friction and tension. Of course, it should be noted that Apple has not yet been granted a patent for this technology, and the technology could be used in a number of other, different ways. • Read the full story.

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New Tesla patent could mean faster charging systems

Tesla is seeking to address a major problem in getting people to switch from traditional fossil-fuel automobiles to electric ones–namely the long charging times required by electric cars, especially in comparison to a quick fill up at a gas station. In a patent application filed by the company this past March, a new liquid-cooled charger connection is described. With a cooler connection, then a larger current load can be handled, and charge times, as a result, can be significantly shortened. • Read the full story.

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Amazon unveils a new program to address utility patent claims

Amazon has unveiled a new program to address the problem of companies making false utility patent infringement claims as a shady business tactic against their competitors. The new approach, called the Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation program, enables a dispute between a patent utility owner and an accused seller to be handled by a neutral third-party that has been selected by Amazon. The program, which is still in beta, is meant to allow “utility patent owners to more efficiently and effectively address suspected infringers, gives sellers a forum to contest accusations, and significantly reduces the time and cost burden on both parties,” according to Amazon. Read the full story.

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