Dear Patentcloud Users,

We are delighted to introduce a completely new Overview dashboard for Quality Insights (QI), which embodies our commitment to “Decrypt Complexity.”

What’s more, we are excited to share our new products including Patent Vault (PV) and Due Diligence (DD), as well as the new pricing plans for Patent Search (PS) and PV — the new plans will be launched in October 2019.

Intuitive Overview Dashboard for Quality Insights (QI)

Quality Insights’ all-new Overview dashboard provides users with a more interactive interface.

The Overview now summarizes three of the most common methods used to conduct patent validity or quality analysis actions.

With one click, users immediately get a bird’s eye view of: 

  1. The Event History of the prosecution and post-grant proceedings, with key Office Actions (OAs) and their corresponding timelines.
  2. The Family Status in a bar-chart summary.
  3. The Prior Art in a bar-chart summary. 

Whether you’re preparing to pitch a client or devising a litigation strategy, the new top-down structure of Overview helps you to become even more organized and efficient when assessing the true strength of a patent.

patentcloud quality insights quality value family

The Event History Tab

patentcloud quality insights quality value family

The Family Status Tab

patentcloud quality insights quality value family

The Prior Art Tab

For more details, please refer to How to use the QI Overview.

New Pricing Plans for Patent Search (PS)

Starting from October 1, 2019, the free version of Patent Search (PS) will no longer be available, and paid versions of the PS tool will no longer come with a free My Folder* which can store up to 2,000 patents.

However, Patentcloud will stay true to its commitment of delivering high-quality data and services and will continue to offer upgraded support, such as a live chat service on the platform.

Whether you are an individual subscriber or a large corporate account, you will find pricing options that suit your budget and needs.

patentcloud patent search quality value

To view the different specifications for each PS plan, please see the Pricing page.

*If you have stored data in My Folder, please export it to your computer’s local drive or to a Project (applicable only to current paid subscribers) before October 1, 2019.

New Product and Pricing: Patent Vault (PV)

Patent Vault, the new patent management, and analytics tool will also be released on October 1, 2019.

PV is designed to facilitate patent portfolio management and analysis, the tracking of trends, and real-time collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Depending on your business’ demands, PV will offer different pricing options according to the amount of patent storage space required, ensuring cost-efficiency. 

patentcloud patent search quality value

To view the different specifications for each PV plan, please see the Pricing page.

New Product: Due Diligence (DD)

Another revolutionary one-click solution (DD) will be officially launched in late October 2019.

With six dashboards and sixteen infographics, DD delivers an instant yet thorough assessment of a patent portfolio, enabling better decision-making in portfolio management, transactions, licensing, and M&A.  

DD’s six main dashboards include Coverage and Status, Owner/Inventor/Applicant, Historical Highlights, Quality and Value, Quality Highlights, and Value Highlights.

There will be a pre-launch promotion starting on October 1, 2019, where we will offer a free trial of DD: it will be an excellent opportunity for users to experience this new solution in advance.

Should you need any assistance, please visit our Help Center or send us a message at We are more than happy to help.

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