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Unveiling the Revamped Memo Feature

Unveiling the Revamped Memo Feature

For this release, we directed our attention to the collaboration features available in Patentcloud. In particular, we completely redesigned the memo function: the memos are now easier to create, organize, retrieve, and share with other members that belong to the same project.

Simply select any word, sentence, or paragraph in the full-text tab and click on the Add Memo tooltip:

patentcloud patent search memo feature add new memo

The Add New Memo full-feature editor will pop up, allowing you to write down your notes:

patentcloud patent search add new memo window

Click Save and your new memo will appear in the memo tab, on the left-hand side of the window (you can open it from the toolbar). The text linked to the note is now highlighted in orange for easier retrieval:

To add a memo to one of the pictures, simply click the + button (located in the bottom right-hand corner) after zooming in:

patentcloud patent search memo feature image

For the first time, all the members sharing a project can collaborate on the same memo, with the individual comments being organized within a chronological and collapsible thread:

patentcloud patent search memo feature thread

Stay up to date by accessing the Memo Dashboard in the Overview tab of the shared project. A red badge will notify you of the number of unread memos:

patentcloud patent search memo dashboard

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us: we are more than happy to help.

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