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Have you just started using Patent Search and can’t wait to discover how it can help you achieve your goals more efficiently?

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Introducing the Quick Features Tour

On your first login, a welcome screen will invite you to take a quick tour: simply click on Let’s Go! to discover Patent Search’s main features. After just a couple of minutes, you’ll have all the tools you need to start your first patent search!

Can’t remember what a particular feature does or how to use it? We’ve got you covered: access a quick tour of Patent Search’s main features anytime by clicking on the Features Tour button on the right-hand side of the footer.

Semantic Search Enhancement

This release also sees some enhancements to the Semantic Search feature, which is now more sensitive to slight conceptual differences in the text being analyzed. Moreover, in this new version, the machine learning algorithm accurately recognizes meanings and intents in the query regardless of its length. To find out more about Semantic Search, click here.

If you need any further assistance, visit our Help Center or contact us directly: we are more than happy to help.