Dear Patentcloud Users

In our latest release, we introduced two exciting new features in Patentcloud’s Patent Search (PS):

Project Notifications (PS Premium Only)

For PS Premium users who share time-sensitive project items with other Patentcloud members, the new Project Notifications feature ends the frustration of updates being overlooked by collaborators. Now, project members are notified via email about new Analysis charts, Automatic Monitoring updates, the latest Memos, and/or recent actions in the Project History section. Working in collaboration has never been easier! 

Notification TypeFrequency by Email
AnalysisWhenever new charts are created
Automatic MonitoringWeekly or monthly
MemoWhenever new memos are created
Project HistoryDaily

Patentcloud members can personalize their settings and select the types of notifications they require:

Only Project Managers, however, can assign notifications to members:

F-Term and D-Term as Search Parameters

Looking for Japanese patents? PS improves search efficiency and delivers relevant results by enabling Japan’s classification systems to be used as search parameters. For example, you can use F-term search to locate utility patents that share similar technical features, without the extraneous noise. D-term can be applied to design patents, so choosing this as a search parameter refines your results by showing similar or identical design features. 

These search parameters can be found in both the Quick Search and Advanced Search (PS Premium only)  tabs, where you can key in multiple queries (separated by a space).

In Quick Search:

In Advanced Search:

Should you need any further assistance, please visit our Help Center or send us an email at We are more than happy to help.