Dear Patentcloud Users

We are pleased to announce the new and upcoming notable features on Patentcloud’s Patent Search (PS) and Quality Insights (QI) for July!

Forward Citation by Examiner (PS Premium Only)

One way to determine the licensing potential of patents is to look at their forward citations. Especially when dealing with portfolios, there has to be a quick and effective way of finding the citations that will have the most substantial impact on the portfolio’s value. Patent Search has made this possible with the new function of adding Forward Citation by Examiner.

Narrow the scope of your analysis by only drawing out the documents where the patent examiner cited the patent at issue, instead of the documents being mixed up with the applicant’s citations. In addition to having a more manageable number to work with, looking at these references will provide you with a more meaningful analysis.

patentcloud patent search forward citation examiner
patentcloud patent search forward citation examiner

PS Premium users can add these citations to new or existing folders. With a capacity of 1,000 folders and 100,000 unique patents available per project, there is more than enough space to get organized.

Semantic Prior Art Cross-Reference in Quality Insights

Semantic Prior Art provides you with the top 300 relevant patent references based on concept similarity. Starting today, Quality Insights will add a Cross-Reference productivity feature that labels the patents previously considered in the prosecution or PTAB (CONS.), Second Degree Art (2nd), or Family Prior Art (FAMI).

patentcloud quality insights semantic prior art reference

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