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Design Search is an innovative design patent
image search tool especially for designers.

Master Your Design Research, Exceed Boundaryless Creativity!

To be frank, innovative ideas matter most to designers!

Unfortunately, some designers, in their eagerness and excitement to express their creativity, end up overlooking the importance of design research and design novelty.

In fact, thorough, well-conducted research is critical for design inspiration, since conducting a proper design search requires an in-depth understanding and investigation of the target user, competitors, and existing designs. However, conducting truly thorough design research can be both time- and effort-consuming. Yet, we know that like most designers, you would probably prefer to spend more time focusing on designing the product itself. If this is the case, then you need a tool that takes cares of all the steps in the research process quickly and accurately, enabling you to put your focus on innovation.

Let Design Search Help You Create the WOW Factor

Design Search provides a new way to accelerate and simplify the design patent research process. Decrease the design cycle and avoid wasting time, effort, and resources unnecessarily. There’s no need to worry about research anymore, since you get all of your research done with our special image search tool, Design Search!

Our most up-to-date design patent database will keep you current on the latest design patent trends and allow you to be on top of the design game.

Design Patent Search- Global Design Patent Database
  • Conducting market and competitor research has never be easier! Collect critical design information through a design patent database that includes all of the major jurisdictions (USPTO, JPO, EUIPO, and CNIPA)–all in one convenient location.

  • Design patent infringement is often an unexpected development for many designers. Lacking IP knowledge and support, many designers simply are not aware of the consequences of patent infringement. Fortunately, Patentcloud is there for designers, making it possible for a budget-friendly infringement evaluation to be conducted independently, without the need for this to be outsourced to an IP professional.

Dig Deeper for more Patent Insights

Conduct even more thorough design patent research and understand the full content of a patent with Patentcloud’s Patent Search. This powerful product not only supports but also strengthens your design research. By clicking on any patent number from your design search results, you will be taken to the comprehensive full-text of the patent in Patent Search.

Easily find out all the patent details related to any product worldwide, all in one place, with up-to-date statuses collected from global authoritative patent databases.

Patentcloud’s exclusive and insightful Patent Quality and Value Rankings and other advanced data allows you to understand your current market competitors’ patent quality, as well as develop effective design-around strategies.

Design Search Is as Easy as 1-2-3

Patentcloud’s self-developed image search tool, Design Search, provides you with a new solution for design patent research. As a creative designer, you can quickly ensure the uniqueness of your design or design-around in 3 simple steps.

Drag and Drop Your
Prototype and Drafts

No longer rely solely on keyword searches for relevant images. Instead, jump right in and get useful search results with a simple drag-and-drop feature and easy-to-use interface.

Define the
Search Scope

Evaluate the unique appearance of your product with advanced search functions, including Locarno classification, keyword search, assignee, etc.

Get Relevant Results
in Seconds

Quickly analyze design details with easy-to-access visual information to enable better and faster decisions.

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