Respond to a Patent Warning Letter with a Vigorous Defense 

Stop the threat before it spreads.
Take the initiative to eliminate the risk of patent infringement litigation or big patent licensing fees.

Patent Warning Letter with Threat of Licensing

Instantly evaluate the quality and value of an entire patent portfolio. Typically, only less than 10% of a portfolio actually have any quality or value, so you have a large chance to invalidate the patents.

Get strong prior art references that can provide proof of the validity problems in the patent portfolio quickly and easily.

Concerns Most Companies Have

  • Analyzing every patent in a portfolio is inefficient and costly. Is there a tool that allows us to quickly and efficiently determine the quality and value of an entire portfolio?

  • When it comes to patent owner’s portfolio, which patent should we start with first to conduct an in-depth analysis?

  • What information should be included in the response letter in order to effectively avoid paying a patent licensing fee?

Design search by PatentCloud

Check out how Patentcloud’s enhanced features can support for your powerful response

Defend Yourself Right off the Bat

After receiving a patent warning letter regarding patent licensing, you will definitely want to challenge the invalidity of the patent owner’s portfolio as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that the patent owner is more likely to leave you alone if the validity of his or her portfolio is being threatened

However, analyzing patents in a portfolio one by one is both time- and resource-consuming. To overcome this challenge, simply follow the steps below and let Patentcloud help you out:

Upload the portfolio to Patent Search’s Project Management, and then analyze the quality of all the patents with just one-click.

Create a Patent Matrix with three important factors: Legal Status, Estimated Expiration Date, and our exclusive Patent Quality and Value Rankings. This will enable you to identify the patents that require further detailed analysis.

Access Quality Insights to focus in on these patents you have identified, and quickly obtain the prior art that can serve as proof for any validity issues.

To destroy the patent owner’s licensing scheme, include all of the information you have found above in your response letter. In addition, clearly specify how you can easily invalidate the patent owner’s portfolio with all of the references found.

Patent Warning Letter with Threat of Infringement Litigation

Easily gather relevant prior art evidence that can invalidate the patents used against you.

With just a small investment, create a powerful response letter and effectively avoid litigation by threat of patent invalidity.

Concerns Most Companies Have

  • What should we do after we receive a patent warning letter due to patent infringement?

  • How can we stop a litigation from happening so that we can continue to sell our products without any threat?

  • What information should be included in a response letter in order to minimize the risk of becoming engaged in a litigation?

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Check out how Patentcloud’s enhanced features can support in formulating a powerful response

Face the Crisis Head-On and Resolve It Quickly

When you receive a patent infringement warning letter from a practicing entity accusing you of infringement, don’t just wait and worry about what will happen next. Instead, act quickly and proactively to reduce the chance of the patent owner filing a lawsuit.

Quility Insight by PatentCloud

To find proof of the validity problems of the patents, you need to conduct a thorough prior art search. Quality insights is the most helpful and effective tool for this. With Quality Insights, you can decide whether you need to do a further analysis of a patent, based on the comprehensive Overview, which gives you a quick summary of the patent’s status, prosecution history, and post-grant proceedings. If the patent is worth digging into, Quality Insights also provides Family Prior Art, Second Degree Art, and Semantic Prior Art, enabling you to collect the relevant prior art that will serve as strong evidence. You can also utilize File Wrapper Search to search by keywords, if there is something specific that you want to target.

With this substantive collection of information from Quality Insights, you will be able to write a very strong response letter that includes a complete invalidity analysis of the patents the patent owner has used against you. By doing so, you can decrease the risk of being sued.

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