The Patent Litigation Victory Formula for Defendant Lawyers

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Before Engagement
After Engagement

Before Engagement


  • Quickly establish winning strategies: file invalidity actions, defend against a non-infringement lawsuit, and develop a design around to avoid damages and future infringement, obtain freedom to operate, and invalidate the plaintiff’s patents.

  • Stay ahead of competing law firms and provide a winning proposal to the client.

Design search by PatentCloud
Design search by PatentCloud

Concerns of Most Defendant Lawyers

  • What should be included in the proposal to catch the client’s eye?

  • How can I gather all the information needed in such a short period of time?

  • How can I ace the pitch and stand out from all of the other firms?

Check out how Patentcloud’s enhanced features can support you in winning a clear-cut victory

Gain an understanding of all possible strategies quickly and efficiently

  • To find out whether filing an invalidity action is applicable, utilize Quality Insights to quickly determine whether relevant prior art references are available. Quality Insights’ comprehensive Overview gives you a summary of the status, prosecution history, and post-grant proceedings of the patent at issue. What’s more, File Wrapper Search allows you to search through the patent’s prosecution history using keywords.
  • To get a broad overview of whether a design around is an option, you can use Patent Search to look up all potential methods. To design around with the method that minimizes the chance of infringement, a brief analysis with Patent Search’s Statistical Charts and Patent Matrix allows you to see the big picture in terms of specific techniques. You can also directly drag and drop an image of your product into Design Search to find possible alternative methods.

Patent litigation solution by Patentcloud

Deliver an informative proposal rapidly

  • Submit your report ahead of competing firms with the relevant, accurate information obtained from Patentcloud. Patent Search provides all of the basic information about the patent portfolio, including patent quality.

  • Quality Insights is a one-click solution that can help you make the “perfect pitch.” As demonstration of how much you value your clients and indicator of all the preparation you have done, be sure to include in the proposal the auto-generated Claim Insights chart as well as the insights into possible strategies that have been gained in the other steps in the process.

After Engagement

A small investment enables you to save time on data collection and gain more time to make a thorough analysis and find critical evidence to defeat the patent owner.

Distribute your time and resources accurately and effectively among each of your strategies, based on the plentiful information Patentcloud provides.

Concerns of Most Defendant Lawyers

  • Do I always seem to spend a lot of time on data collection and not enough time on analysis?

  • How should my time and resources be allocated among all of the possible strategies?

Design search by PatentCloud

Check out how Patentcloud’s enhanced features can support you in winning a clear-cut patent litigation victory

Patentcloud Patent Portfolio Management- Quality Insights

Evaluate possible patent litigation strategies thoroughly and quickly

  • If you have about a month to prepare for a case, you definitely want to focus your time and resources on strategies that will help you to win this case. Using what you’ve already learned while preparing the proposal for the pitch, you can effectively utilize the relevant information from Patentcloud to help you determine the proportion of effort that should be spent on each patent litigation strategy.

  • Quality Insights allows you to conduct a prior art search in just one-click. With detailed information provided by Family Prior Art, Second Degree Art, and Semantic Prior Art, you can efficiently gather evidence for any invalidity action.

  • If a design around is applicable, you will need to provide proposals. To learn more about the possibilities involving alternative methods, simply look up the related patents that you are interested in on Quality Insights to determine the best solution.

Patent Litigation- Project Management

Conduct in-depth analyses effectively

  • You can earn yourself more time for analyses by using Patentcloud to cut down on the time spent on collecting data and organizing information. To create an extensive claim chart, take Quality Insights’ Claim Insights as a foundation for you to elaborate on your insights.
  • Easily manage large amounts on Patent Search. Besides adding self-defined Tags and Memos while studying the patents, you can also visualize your insights with the Patent Matrix and Statistical Chart features. What’s more, you can invite your clients to collaborate on the Project Management platform to guarantee real-time information sharing and communication on both sides.

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