Follow the trend lines — not the headlines.

Patent information is exponentially increasing, and it can often overwhelm us. Worse of all, it is often accompanied by the notorious noise, which can directly lead to failure and irreversible, costly decision-making. Let the visualized dashboards and well-organized patent analytics system work for you — say goodbye to information overload.

SEP : stay ahead of the 5G SEP game.

Due Diligence : visualize patent portfolios with vivid dashboards.

Patent Search : spot trending patents in an instant.

Patent Vault : store all of your findings in one place and keep them up-to-date.


Everything you need to know about 5G SEPs.

5G standard-essential patents are big news. However, simply following the media isn’t always an accurate way of finding out more about this ever-changing subject matter. With Patentcloud’s SEP, you can catch up with the latest movements within the 5G SEP world.

Get an overview of the overall 5G declaration activity trends with the vivid dashboards — containing vast amounts of meaningful ETSI database data — as well as Patentcloud’s proprietary metrics.

Need to focus on a specific company or your competitor? By following watchlists customized by yourself, you can keep your eye on what’s important to you.

Some questions you can answer with Due Diligence:

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Due Diligence

Bring patent data to life.

The greatest value of data visualization is that it forces us to notice what we would never expect to see.

Due Diligence transforms patent portfolios into vivid dashboards so that the information presented is even more streamlined and intuitive.

With Due Diligence, you can import patents from Patent Vault to instantly generate a portfolio analysis report — it’s no longer a challenge to search the patent portfolio of a corporation and immediately acquire a report of its patent assets.

Due Diligence reports can also be saved in Patent Vault — and can be shared seamlessly with others.

With 18 Due Diligence dashboards available, you can examine patent trends using various metrics — such as bibliography data and assignment records — and derive valuable patent trend insights.

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Case studies and analysis.

We have a wide range of articles covering a multitude of topics, trends, and technologies — see Patentcloud in action now!

Patent Search

Search to keep on-trend.

Searching is often where incredible things happen. With over 100+ patent databases, Patent Search enables you to find the patents involved in the hottest trending topics and technologies.

  • Advanced Search
    Create your own search queries with precise filters. For example, filter out active Electric Vehicle patents with the proper terminology filled in, TAC, and the Legal Status set to “Granted.” You can also filter out patents by country by choosing the Patent Office.

  • Semantic Search
    Find the most relevant patents in different patent offices according to contextual meaning by entering the title, abstract, or patent claims — all thanks to Patentcloud’s AI-powered natural language processing algorithms.

  • Corporate Affiliation
    Specify target companies in the same industry and identify all of the patents belonging to its group.

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