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Our goal is to utilize the best in global IP practices and the latest in innovation to help you make impactful decisions and achieve successful breakthroughs

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A Powerful Solution for IP Professionals, from Individuals to Start-Ups to Enterprises

A one-click solution that enables you to access integrated patent data and file wrapper informationfind relevant prior art, and discover the true quality of a patent quickly.


A one-stop global patent database that covers 100+ countries, allowing you to conduct a patent search and manage your patent portfolio efficiently.————————


An image-based design patent search tool powered by exclusive deep-learning technology, making a design patent search easy and effective.————————————


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Patent Life Cycle Management

At InQuartik, we have developed a distinctive perspective on big-data-supported decision-making in the patent life cycle. Our proprietary solution supports you throughout the entire patent life cycle, including uncovering insights into technological developments, optimizing budgeting and resource allocations, enhancing the quality and value of patent portfolios, minimizing unnecessary patent investments, and maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of patent assets.

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Being Unique and Achieving Excellence. This Is What We Do at InQuartik.

InQuartik is committed to empowering you and your team to make far-reaching decisions with our extraordinary data quality, groundbreaking AI technology, and extensive global IP experience.

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InQuartik is not just our partner but also a company at the forefront of technology that enables us to provide the best solutions to our clients. [They have] a strong team of technical experts with extensive experience in platform development.

Wispro Technology Consulting Corporation

In the past, for an invalidity search, searching for prior art, collecting the prosecution history, and conducting an analysis was very time-consuming. However, with just 1 click, Quality Insights gives us all of the information we require and saves us a lot of time. I believe that this product has a lot of potential for the Japanese market, too.

ScienBiziP Japan株式会社

Clearly, for APEX, Patentcloud is much more than just a simple patent search portal. It has, in fact, enabled APEX to adopt a more proactive approach to patent monitoring and risk management, which has helped to contribute to the company’s continued success.  

Apex Medical Corp.

During my thirty-three years in the IP industry, I noticed that the tools available to patent professionals were lacking—most of these tools simply provided basic search results and many relied on low-quality data. So, we created Patentcloud, a patent intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to deliver true actionable insights for impactful decision-making.

Y.P. Jou, Founder and CEO of InQuartik

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