Who are we?

InQuartik is a patent intelligence company that doesn’t simply deliver patent data—it makes the data understandable, too.

InQuartik brings companies and law firms of all sizes into a new era, one where IP professionals can work smarter and live better.

Join us in our journey—you’ll never look back.

Our story

Dedicated to simplifying patent work.

Since the first patent law was enacted in Venice in 1474, most patent-related activities—from patent searching, patent filing, maintenance, and transaction, to litigation—have failed due to poor data quality or decisions not based on data analytics.

More often than not, patent professionals are limited by an abundance of grunt work such as collecting and organizing patent data by searching through piles of file wrappers or conducting patent analysis with endless spreadsheets.

InQuartik—formed by data scientists, passionate programmers, and patent experts—strives to change the patent work of the past. We are determined to provide actionable patent solutions to help get rid of the old habits of endless and tedious patent searching and processing—and deliver instant, insightful, and integrated patent analytics services to our clients.

What sets us apart?

AI and high-quality patent data help us to explore the patent world.

Combining artificial intelligence algorithms and big data analytics with high-quality patent and non-patent databases, we integrated millions of data into insightful patent solutions.

Together with our partners, we have accumulated insights and case practice in multiple emerging industries and areas. We have practiced in fields such as telecommunications, semiconductors, AIoT, and life sciences with the help of our comprehensive patent data analytics and experienced patent experts.

Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary initiatives: Patent lifecycle management and Patent Portfolio Management, along with the development of our unique, sophisticated tools: Patent Quality and Value Rankings and the PatentMatrix Dashboards—to provide far-sighted and irreplaceable value to our clients.

Core AI technologies and quality data
  • Image recognition and image-based search technology
  • Proprietary algorithms for Patent Quality and Value Rankings
  • Natural language processing
  • Comprehensive patent and non-patent-literature databases
  • Curated patent data and proprietary data processing
Practice areas and accumulative insights
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Transaction (buying and selling, licensing, and pledging)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Patent Analytics
  • Patent Portfolio Management
  • Patent Lifecycle Management
  • Standard Essential Patents
  • IC, Foundries, and Packaging
  • Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  • Electric Vehicles and Unmanned Vehicles
  • Life sciences

By patent experts, for patent experts.

Together with our enterprise partners Wispro, MiiCs, and ScienBiziP, we form a team of more than 600 experienced attorneys, IP experts, and dealers. Over the past 35 years, we have handled more than 440,000 worldwide patent applications, transacted more than 100,000 patents, and joined more than 1,000 patent litigation cases. This extensive knowledge and experience enabled our founder Y.P. Jou—IAM awardee—to discover the key to building the world’s best patent analytics solutions.

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In memory of Y.P. Jou

InQuartik’s founder and helmsman

Y.P. Jou — recognized as a 2019 leading IP strategist by the IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders, the 15th IAM Top Market Maker of 2018, and the former general counsel of the Hon Hai group — was an innovator, thinker, and pioneer of the IP world.

When he founded InQuartik back in 2014, he dreamed of transforming the IP world for the better. Under his leadership, InQuartik strived to simplify patent work for patent professionals and empowered worldwide users with reliable solutions — all with his complete dedication and endless support.

It is with deep regret that we lost this man in August 2021. He established InQuartik from scratch, but Y.P. Jou was not only the founder of InQuartik he was also a friend, a visionary leader, and a dreamer who will go on to inspire the next generation.

His legacy will be upheld by the InQuartik team, as always.

Li-Lung Hsu (Leon)

Chief Executive Officer

Leo Tien

Director of the Business Development Division

Our History










InQuartik officially founded


Launches Patentcloud's Patent Search


Launches Patentcloud's Design Search and Quality Insights


Founder, Y.P. Jou — Awarded the 15th Top IAM Market Maker of 2018

Partnership with IPwe


Launches Patentcloud's Patent Vault and Due Diligence

Founder, Y.P. Jou — Awarded as a 2019 IAM World's Leading IP Strategist


Partnership with Strategypedia, Piece Future, Unified Patents, Docket Navigator, & Clearstone IP


Achieves ISO 27001 certification

Launches Patentcloud's SEP OmniLytics

Partnership with SkyMinder

Becomes a Supporting Member of The SPIF Project


Introduces AI Patent Summary Feature