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From Start-Up to Cloud-Based IP Intelligence Company

InQuartik was founded by Y.P. Jou in 2014. With more than thirty-four years in the intellectual property (IP) industry, Jou wanted to apply new technology to empower people in the industry by leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and the best in global IP practices.
Today, as technology continues to change and the ways in which people utilize patent data continue to evolve, we will continue to help our customers succeed with the most innovative solutions possible.

The Four “In’s” of InQuartik

At InQuartik, we leverage artificial intelligence and big data analytics in the pursuit of continuous innovation. We have assembled a team of ambitious engineers and developers to build platform and products that are tailored to the needs of IP and Investment. At the same time, we continue to stay abreast of the latest changes and developments in these fields and remain devoted to delivering cutting-edge solutions that immediately empower our users.

InQuartik-The Four Ins of INQ-IP, AI, Big Data, investment

Inspiring a Culture of Innovation with Top Talent

At Inquartik, we are dedicated to recruiting the top talent across industries, and we value collaboration over a strict company hierarchy. In our offices, you will find Data Scientists, Engineers, IP Professionals, Customer Success Experts, UI/UX Professionals, and Marketers — all working together to create the most innovative solutions and experiences for our customers. We challenge our teams to do excellent work, and we celebrate it across every field — from high-velocity, AI-driven solutions to exceptional customer success programs. Our teams think big, take initiative, and own their projects.

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