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14-Day Free Trial
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In-Depth Patent Data Search Tool at a Reasonable Price

  • Access the comprehensive full-text of a patent with the most accurate and up-to-date status collected from the USPTO, EPO, CNIPA, JPO, and WIPO.

  • A one-stop patent search tool with global coverage of 100+ countries.

  • Advanced data availability that goes beyond a simple patent number, including current patent assignees and patent transfer histories, legal status and remaining life, Patentcloud’s exclusive and insightful Patent Quality and Value Rankings, and more.

PatentSearch by PateneCloud
PatentSearch by PateneCloud

An AI-Powered Patent Search Tool with Great Searchability

  • Besides performing patent search by number, inventor, company or date, our Search Editor empowers you to search by current assignee, assignment history, status data and more.

  • Immediately get the most relevant prior art for your prior art search needs with Semantic Search.

  • Get corrected and correlated corporate tree data with a Corporate Affiliation Search to ensure comprehensive results in a due-diligence search.

  • Extend your search results and avoid missing keywords with Keyword Expansion, and conveniently obtain equivalent results with Smart Search when navigating a patent document.

A Powerful and Interactive Patent Analytics Dashboard

  • Uncover the unlimited potential of Patentcloud’s proprietary Patent Matrix for your patent landscape analysis, with an interactive pivot table for insights gained from correlating patent data with your self-defined tags.

  • Interact with the intuitive Statistical Charts to conveniently navigate and manipulate data fields and scopes to conduct further analysis and gain real actionable insights.

PatentSearch by Patenecloud