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Avoid design patent infringement. Get peace of mind and brilliant design ideas in just a few clicks!

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A Comprehensive Design Patent Database

  • Stop using free online design patent search tools that might miss design patents or pending applications that compete with your ideas.

  • Simplify your design patent search process with a consolidated design patent database from the USPTO, JPO, EUIPO, and CNIPA.

Design search by PatentCloud
Design search by PatentCloud

Leading-Edge Computer Vision Technology for Your Design Patent Search

  • Our deep learning computer vision algorithm is capable of locating images similar to your ideas in a few seconds.
  • Our proprietary technology can automatically categorize your images, enhancing search accuracy.

An Intuitive Interface and Enhanced Design Search Methodology

  • Simply drag and drop your image to find the most similar results. Keyword searching is no longer the only way to conduct design patent research.
  • Obtain more precise search results and increase your search efficiency with Patentcloud’s advanced search functions.
Design search by PatentCloud