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An Exclusive AI-Powered Patent Data
and File Wrapper Integration Tool

For fast, complete, and accurate prior art searches and file wrapper research, turn to Quality Insights and discover the true quality of a patent in just one click!

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Immediate Access to the File Wrapper History and Prior Art of US patents

  • Access relevant, accurate prior art, and comprehensive, organized file wrapper data with Quality Insights, which provides a unique combination of prior art and file wrapper data sets related to patent quality.

  • For non-US patents, Quality Insights suggests US patent family members as relevant references for a patent quality evaluation.

QualityInsight by PatentCloud
QualityInsight by PatentCloud

Easily Perform Quality Evaluation and Patent Invalidation

  • Enhance your prior art search capabilities by finding extended and unique prior art references with one click.
  • Receive organized examiners’ opinion data for analyzing patent claims with the claim-chart formatted Prior Art Comparison.
  • File wrappers are consolidated as intrinsic evidence for claim construction with the one-stop File Wrapper Search.

Quickly and Conveniently Accomplish Your Tasks

  • It has never been easier to disclose patent quality. Just enter a patent number and get an auto-generated report in one click!

  • Quickly grasp and accurately judge by performing file wrapper research and a prior art search simultaneously.