Start your business the right way.

A freedom to operate analysis is what you need to do to ensure you’re starting your business free from the risk of patent infringement. But how do you conduct a freedom to operate search properly? Advanced search capabilities and an optimized workflow are key. Check below to see how to do it the right way.

Step 1—Patent Search: search for patents across all of the major patent offices.

Step 2—Design Search: conduct a design patent search with the help of computer vision.

Step 3—Patent Vault: manage all of your findings in one place and analyze them with ease.

Step 4—Quality Insights: invalidate your competitor’s patents to clear the way to success.

Patent Search

Search every corner of the patent world.

A flawed freedom to operate analysis can give you false confidence and cause trouble down the line. Stop patents slipping through the cracks with Patent Search’s multiple search features. Here are our favorites:

  • Advanced Search
    Create your own search queries with precise filters. For example, filter out active patents with Legal Status or sort the patents by country with Patent Office.

  • Classification Search
    Zoom in to relevant patent classifications through specific keywords.

  • Keyword Expansion
    Discover the most relevant patents through the keywords’ equivalents in other languages, similar terms, and hypernyms.

  • Corporate Affiliation
    Specify a target company and identify all of the patents belonging to its group.

See all of the available Patent Search features

Design Search

Searching for design patents? Find them with images.

Design infringement is more common than you think, from footwear and cars to luxury goods and bras. In these industries, traditional keyword searches are impractical—try with images and let our image-based design patent search engine find the most relevant design patents for you.

See what Design Search can do

Our freedom to operate analysis guide:

more insights, fewer mistakes, better business.

Patent Vault

Your work comes first—always.

Your precious findings deserve better than clunky Excel spreadsheets—enter Patent Vault. Reduce the number of tools typically needed for a freedom to operate analysis by adding related patents and managing patent lists all in one place.

Patent Vault

Bring your team together.

Perform a preliminary analysis on the spot. The customizable statistical charts and the two-level Patent Matrix dashboards help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to form an adequate patent strategy. Once you’re done, invite R&D, IP, and legal professionals to join the project in Patent Vault.

Patent Vault for PLCM? See how it’s done

Quality Insights

Clear your way up to the top.

Don’t want to pay expensive royalties? Take the aggressive approach and invalidate the patents of your competitors and other menaces. Quality Insights makes it easier to find the prior art you need to win, so you can clear the way for your product and sell it in more regions and markets.

Explore all the arrows in Quality Insights’ quiver