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The purchase price depends on the patent information supplied for any one patent.


All reports include an Overview of the Prosecution History, Family Prior Art, Second Degree Prior Art and Semantic Prior Art.

Additionally, patent information may not be purchased in fragments; it must be purchased as a whole.

US$199per patent number
  • Reports do not contain any file wrapper data and are the most economically priced.

US$999per patent number
  • Reports contain a standard amount of file wrapper data, such as prosecution history without RCE records or without IPR history
  • File Wrapper Search
  • Claim Insights

US$1,999per patent number
  • Reports contain the most file wrapper data, including IPR, Remarks, and Reexam documents, among others.
  • File Wrapper Search
  • Claim Insights

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  • Special Discount for Frequent or Large Orders
  • Currently, Quality Insights is only available for US patents. With a one-time payment, you gain complete access to Quality Insights for one year.

  • For your convenience, InQuartik has incorporated a dynamic pricing mechanism, where you only pay for the data that is available for the patent of interest.


Quality Insights provides a sample report for each patent you require, and you can preview this report in order to get a sense of what will be provided after your purchase. We also realize that you want to get the best value for your money. So, after you request a free demo, we will schedule an online meetup with you and demonstrate how powerful our Quality Insights report is and the invaluable insights that you can gain from it.

When your Quality Insights report expires, you will need to purchase the report again. We highly suggest that you download all of the necessary documents before your Quality Insights report passes its expiration date.

We care about your success! For paying customers, we offer support by email, and live-chat. Feel free to contact us at anytime!