Quality Insights: Harnessing AI to Optimize Patent Invalidation

October 23rd, 2023 ‧ 3 min read

The patent landscape is vast, intricate, and continuously evolving. As professionals involved in patent litigation and intellectual property rights, navigating this complex terrain requires not only precision, efficiency, and speed but also an acute insight to discern quality from the myriad of information. The pursuit of the quintessential tool that can augment this journey, offering both depth and clarity, has been persistent. With the latest advancements, the end of this quest might just be in sight.

Elevate Your Patent Invalidation Strategy with AI

The AI-powered “Patent Summary” function of Quality Insights is a game-changer. It meticulously dissects potential prior arts into distinct technological categories, paving the way for swift and pinpointed verification.

Just to illustrate the power of Quality Insights, the scope of prior art verification was narrowed from 84 patents to a mere 8, all achieved within 5 clicks. Such precision and efficiency are unparalleled.

A Case in Point: ASUS vs. Samsung

Consider the recent patent dispute between ASUS and Samsung, filed under the case number 2-23-cv-00409 (EDTX). At the heart of the contention was an alleged infringement of patent US 10,187,878 B2, which pertains to 4G and 5G communication technologies.

While the patent was initially accepted post a single §103 rejection, Quality Insights’ Claim Disclosure ranking labeled many as “Substantially Disclosed” and  revealed detected a remarkable 84 potential §103 prior art. This level of disclosure suggests the vital role of AI in uncovering hidden connections and insights in the patent landscape.

Source: Quality Insights
Source: Quality Insights

The Game-Changing “Patent Summary” Feature

Assessing the relevance of each piece of prior art is paramount in constructing a solid patent invalidation argument. Consider this: if one conservatively estimates that each piece of potential prior art requires 20 minutes for thorough analysis, that translates to a daunting 28 hours dedicated solely to verification.

What does this mean for practitioners? It leads to elevated costs, prolonged project timelines, and the risk of overlooking pivotal evidence.

Enter the transformative “Patent Summary” feature. This innovative tool categorizes potential prior art into 10 distinct technical categories. From “Uplink Communications” to the sophisticated nuances of “Transmission Control in Wireless Communication Systems”, our feature ensures precise and efficient evaluation, effectively weeding out any superfluous content. This streamlines the process and enhances the overall quality of patent analysis.

The true value lies in the granularity of the analysis. Professionals can transition from overarching categories like “Uplink Communication” to more intricate details like “Ultra-Low Latency LTE Communication”. This depth ensures a comprehensive understanding and a more nuanced approach to patent evaluation.

Results in a Snap:  Drill Down 84 Patents to 8 Patents in 5 Click

Delving into categories under “ultra-low latency LTE communication”, users are directed to niche segments like “wireless communication protocols for real-time data transmission” (with 8 applications) and “ultra-low latency lte uplink communication protocol and resource allocation” (boasting 3 Applications).

In the ever-evolving patent landscape, professionals can no longer afford to rely solely on traditional methodologies. Quality Insights presents an opportunity to harness AI’s power, facilitating a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective patent invalidation process.

The integration of features like Claim Disclosure ranking, potential prior art, semantic prior art and the revolutionary “Patent Summary” ensures that IP professionals stay not just one, but several steps ahead in their patent-related endeavors.

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*the Patent Summary Feature:

Please note that the Patent Summary feature within the Due Diligence is currently available at no extra cost as part of your Due Diligence subscription.

However, we would like to inform our valued customers that in the future, this particular feature may be subject to additional charges. Any changes to the pricing structure will be communicated in advance, and users will have the opportunity to review and accept the updated terms and conditions.

We encourage users to take advantage of this feature during this complimentary access period. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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