ClearstoneIP and InQuartik Unveil Deeper Integration To Streamline the FTO Process

January 08th, 2021 ‧ 3 min read

Since joining forces in September 2020, ClearstoneIP and InQuartik‘s alliance has paved the way for enabling a better FTO process for patent professionals by integrating InQuartik’s Quality Insights—one of the six Patentcloud products that performs patent validity analysis and automatically aggregates prior art with various approaches—with Clearstone FTO—ClearstoneIP’s powerful FTO online service.

The integration has made it easier for ClearstoneIP users to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a patent with a summary count of its §102/103 prior art references along with InQuartik’s proprietary Patent Quality and Value Rankings right there in the Clearstone FTO platform. Furthermore, ClearstoneIP users can access all of Quality Insights’ functions by signing up for a Patentcloud account.

Within just four months, InQuartik received some great feedback from ClearstoneIP users, many of which mentioned that Claim Insights and Claim Analysis significantly helped them to clarify claim construction issues better; other users stated that Family Prior Art, Semantic Prior Art, and Prior Art Finder assisted them greatly in finding potential prior art references to better approach patent validity issues.

This positive feedback has encouraged us here at InQuartik to provide an even more streamlined FTO process. After carefully collecting and analyzing the feedback given to us, we found that clients from both platforms are eager to have a collaborative center that enables them to manage all of their patent-related processes in one place while keeping everyone on the same page—this is where Patent Vault steps in.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce a deeper integration where users can seamlessly work across the two platforms to enable a more streamlined process. Patentcloud’s Patent Vault will allow its users to access Clearstone FTO more efficiently, with just two easy steps to jump from Patent Vault to Clearstone FTO in a seamless manner. This deeper integration will help our clients and their teams manage their patent assets across different platforms better while combining the advantages of Patent Vault‘s collaboration with Clearstone FTO’s easy-to-use claim-by-claim analysis.

To work between Patent Vault and Clearstone FTO without interruption, simply choose the patents from the Patent Vault folders that you want to analyze in Clearstone FTO, then click on the ClearstoneIP icon to carry the selected patents into a new Clearstone FTO project.

Choose the patents from the Patent Vault folders that you want to analyze in Clearstone FTO

Click on the ClearstoneIP icon to carry the selected patents into a new Clearstone FTO project

Throughout the course of this year, ClearstoneIP and InQuartik will continue to devote themselves to providing a more flawless FTO process—empowering patent professionals to work better and smarter than ever before.

Thank you for your continued support!


About CleanstoneIP

ClearstoneIP helps innovators accelerate patent clearance and product development with a centralized freedom-to-operate workflow management platform that builds leverageable institutional knowledge. Clearstone FTO is infused with industry best practices, enabling in-house legal and technical teams to collaborate with each other as well as outside counsel in a context-aware environment built specifically for managing the FTO process.

About InQuartik

InQuartik is an IP intelligence company dedicated to converting patent data into actionable insights and delivering AI-driven solutions. With a database of over 100 million patent documents from 90+ countries, InQuartik is an industry leader. Throughout the entire patent lifecycle, InQuartik supports IP professionals and law firms through its platform ​— ​Patentcloud ​— enabling them to work smarter, live better, and gain more success.

ClearstoneIP Contact:

Gabe Sukman, CEO

InQuartik Contact:

Bob Chen, Director of Marketing & Business Development

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