Strategypedia Partners With InQuartik To Strengthen IP Innovation in Southeast Asia

December 25th, 2020 ‧ 3 min read

Taipei, Taiwan/Singapore, Singapore | December 25, 2020 —InQuartik​ Corporation​, the global leader in providing patent analytics and solutions backed by comprehensive patent data, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Strategypedia, a business intelligence platform dedicated to providing the most leverageable intellectual property (IP) solutions to multinational companies and organizations.

This collaboration empowers ​Patentcloud’s automated patent solutionssuch as Quality InsightsDue Diligence, and SEPto reach more global-level entities based in or with business locations in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Singapore, the heart of Southeast Asia, has become the tech capital of Asia, where almost 80% of the world’s top high-tech firms have a presence. The city-state is now also progressing into a technology hub for ambitious start-ups from the U.S., China, and other countries seeking to set up there.

Today, Singapore is a trade center between the East and the West and a gateway for Western firms and Asian companies to expand their markets.

The Strategypedia-InQuartik partnership presents cutting-edge IP management software and analytical solutions to tech companies fully or regionally headquartered in Singapore.

Since intangible assets—especially patents—account for almost 90% of a company’s market value, adopting a more rigorous approach to developing, managing, and commercializing a patent portfolio is now crucial for businesses of all sizes.

This concept is no stranger to the tech titans and unicorn start-ups seeking to expand overseas and those choosing Singapore, which houses one of the best IP marketplaces and where the most high-profile IP investors, consultants, and brokers are available.

“InQuartik’s complete suite of patent tools have helped many large businesses and SMEs validate their patent portfolios with just a few clicks. The data is very comprehensive, and the tools are affordable for smaller companies and first-time users.”

– Claire Lim, Regional Business Development Manager of Strategypedia

“We are happy to collaborate with Strategypedia, one of the most influential business intelligence platforms, and the most trustworthy IP advisors in Singapore. The Lion City remains a prominent doorway for Western and Eastern companies looking to extend their business globally and those seeking angel investors.

We believe that when such global deployment happens, it is vital for them to adopt a better patent intelligence platform to help them manage, evaluate, and monetize their precious patent portfolios.

Strategypedia is a great partner to enable us to reach out to these customers and contribute to leading innovation—which is the foundation of InQuartik’s establishment.”

– Y.P. Jou, CEO of InQuartik

By connecting Strategypedia’s solid network with InQuartik’s pioneering analytical solutions, the alliance will benefit enterprises and start-ups in various scenarios. The Strategypedia-InQuartik alliance will help our clients turn their ideas into valuable IP assets while paving the way for sustainable growth in global market expansions.

About Strategypedia

Strategypedia is a business intelligence platform that aims to bring together the world’s most effective strategies for businesses and individuals to help them achieve their goals. It has incorporated Patentcloud—a user-friendly patent search and analytics platform—as a tool to leverage, thus enabling technology owners to validate their technology and understand competitor landscapes effectively.

About InQuartik

InQuartik is an IP intelligence company dedicated to converting patent data into actionable insights and delivering AI-driven solutions. With a database of over 100 million patent documents from 90+ countries, InQuartik is an industry leader.

Throughout the entire patent lifecycle, InQuartik supports IP professionals and law firms through its platform—Patentcloud — enabling them to work smarter, live better, and gain more success.

Strategypedia Contact

Claire Lim, Regional Business Development Manager

InQuartik Contact

Bob Chen, Director of Marketing & Business Development

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