Unified Patents to Partner with InQuartik to Empower Patent Quality Intelligence

October 16th, 2020 ‧ 3 min read

Taipei, TW/Washington D.C., U.S.A | October 16, 2020 –  InQuartik​ Corporation​, a global leader in providing patent analytics and solutions backed by timely and complete patent data, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Unified Patents, an organization dedicated to deterring the manipulative practices of non-practicing entities (NPEs) in specific technology areas. This collaboration integrates ​Patentcloud’s Quality Insights patent validity analysis into Unified Patents’ Patroll platform, which aims to invalidate patents that are held by patent trolls by prior art crowdsourcing.

With technology serving an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies are now recognizing the importance of a healthy patent environment — so they can focus on the development of technology to ensure they remain competitive. The InQuartik-Unified Patents partnership presents the cutting-edge analytical solution for patent validity analysis with an international membership network that aims to build a more efficient patent ecosystem through patent validity checks.

Unified Patents’ Patroll users can access the Quality Insights links to identify potential prior art by using the proprietary Semantic Prior Art —  an AI-powered prior art search tool that covers patent databases across the IP5 and WIPO. Additionally, users can also check the similarity between the prior art references and the patent by generating claim-based checkers with the Prior Art Analytics feature.

Unified Patents users can also enjoy a 7-day free trial, which includes 100 free Quality Insights reports, along with the opportunity to take advantage of further discounts for the full Quality Insights report — to identify more prior art efficiently.

  • Review the prior art found in a patent’s prosecution and post-grant proceedings with a summary of legal events timeline;
  • Discover more prior art references by expanding the search scope to the patent’s family members;
  • Uncover more prior art references by searching through up to six levels of the patent’s backward or forward citations.

“The concept of patent quality has been around for as long as patents themselves. We believe that a better quality IP ecosystem is vital for both technology development and IP professionals. The InQuartik-Unified Patents partnership is a milestone for patent validity analysis with Unified Patents’ understanding of patent assertions in defined technology sectors. ”

– Y.P. Jou, Founder and CEO of InQuartik

By connecting Unified Patents’ global network with InQuartik’s pioneering analytical solutions, the collaboration represents how both businesses address the market’s needs. The InQuartik-Unified Patents partnership will continue to embrace the “refuse-to-pay” creed against the low-quality patents held by patent trolls — building a better worldwide IP community.


About Unified Patents

Unified Patents is an international member-based organization that seeks to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors (Zones) through its activities. Its actions are focused broadly in Zones with substantial assertions by Standards Essential Patents (SEP) holders and NPEs. Unified Patents works independently of its members to achieve its deterrence goals while supporting innovative start-ups and SMEs by providing free-to-use sponsors.

About InQuartik

InQuartik is an IP intelligence company dedicated to converting patent data into actionable insights and delivering AI-driven solutions. With a database of over 100 million patent documents from 90+ countries, InQuartik is an industry leader. Throughout the entire patent lifecycle, InQuartik supports IP professionals and law firms through its platform​ — Patentcloud ​— enabling them to work smarter, live better and gain more success.

InQuartik Contact:
Bob Chen, Director of Marketing

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