Introducing Patent Summary in Patent Vault: Revolutionizing Patent Landscape Analysis

February 07th, 2024 ‧ 5 min read

In April 2023, we debuted Patent Summary, transforming Due Diligence with swift patent classifications and insights, eliminating the need for comprehensive reviews. By September, the feature was enhanced through Quality Insights, focusing on precise prior art identification.

February 2024 saw its integration into Patent Vault, streamlining patent management, analysis, and notably improving FTO searches. Highlighting its utility, we will demonstrate Patent Summary’s efficiency in accelerating Patent Landscape analysis using a SiC Semiconductor Patents Landscape as a sample case. This progression underscores our commitment to simplifying patent exploration with innovative, accessible tools.

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How Patent Summary Works: Unveiling the Technology and AI Integration

Patent Summary leverages proprietary technology and Generative AI (GPT) to group patents by semantic similarities, enabling precise categorization based on technological content. This method ensures that patents within the same category share close technological connections, while those in different categories diverge. 

Through AI, it offers concise summaries for each category, allowing users to quickly understand the patents’ technological essence without sifting through individual documents.

Capable of summarizing up to 100,000 patents simultaneously, Patent Summary provides a comprehensive yet efficient analysis tool, all while maintaining strict user privacy and data confidentiality.

Previously applied in Due Diligence and Quality Insights, it has proven to fast-track understanding of patent innovations and streamline the search for relevant prior art, enhancing patent analysis and decision-making processes.

Picture 1: Screenshots of Patent Summary feature in Patent Vault, Source: InQuartik

Enhancing Patent Analysis: Automated Classification in Patent Vault

Patent Vault transforms patent management and analysis by allowing users to classify patents into folders for efficient oversight. With the integration of Patent Summary, manual sorting gives way to automated categorization, streamlining the creation of detailed patent landscapes. This feature in Patent Vault enables generating a 3-tier hierarchy of categories, enhancing the organization within Patent Vault and offering a nuanced view of patent similarities and distributions.

Picture 2: Folder creation with Patent Summary in Patent Vault, Source: InQuartik

Patent Summary’s synergy with filters and search functions enables tailored analyses, such as viewing summaries by company, patent status, jurisdictions or even patent quality and value ranks. The functionality simplifies constructing folders for specific classifications by allowing users to directly convert selected categories into folders or add patents from selected categories to a specific folder, aiding in patent landscape development and facilitating FTO searches with targeted patent lists.

Picture 3: Highlighting in Patent Summary, Source: InQuartik

For complex needs, users can simply apply Patent Summary to newly created folders to continue developing their structure beyond 3 levels, with Patent Vault supporting up to 10 levels and 1,000 folders per project. Folder names, designed for clarity, can be user-modified, with summaries provided for easy reference. Future updates will include GPT-based renaming tools for even greater efficiency.

Moreover, Patent Summary integrates with Patentcloud’s Highlighter, allowing users to apply saved preferences to enhance reading and operational speed, marrying convenience with advanced analysis capabilities.

Check our latest 3-minute video for a more vivid explanation.

Demonstrating Patent Summary’s Capabilities Through SiC Semiconductor Patents

As demonstrated, we’ve utilized Patent Summary to develop a technology classification for SiC (Silicon Carbide) semiconductor patents, a key material in third-generation semiconductors, increasingly used in high-current applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Sic Semiconductor Patents

Picture 4: SiC Semiconductor Technology Taxonomy Developed by Patent Summary, Source: InQuartik

Our search criteria, beyond semiconductor relevance, required SiC-related terms in titles, abstracts, claims, and also in specifications with SiC-related patent classifications, bringing many general semiconductor process patents into focus, especially those mentioning SiC materials for specific layers deemed relevant by patent classifications. With Patent Summary feature, this approach now can balance comprehensiveness and precision in searches, particularly valuable for targeted technology investigations. You can use broader search terms and filter for relevant results using Patent Summary feature.

Within Patent Vault, users can select “Advanced Analysis” to employ the Patent Matrix feature, comparing major companies’ technological focuses in SiC Semiconductors. Our criteria focused on patents with active or pending family members in key semiconductor-related jurisdictions, such as TW, US, JP, KR ,CN WIPO and EP, analyzed by family. This comparison reveals that in the broader SiC Semiconductor ecosystem, including FinFET processes utilizing SiC, no company rivals TSMC in number of patents, except in specific applications where they might exceed TSMC.

SiC Patent Matrix

Picture 5: SiC Semiconductor Patent Matrix: Taxonomy vs. Top Owners, Source: InQuartik

For companies positioning themselves as competitors to TSMC, like Intel and Samsung, the gap in patents, especially in technologies used across the ecosystem such as general manufacturing processes applicable to SiC Semiconductors, is significant. Within this ecosystem, mainly comprising TSMC’s suppliers and clients, there’s still room for establishing a niche in specific technologies like Compound Semiconductors. Examples include Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi, and Infineon’s strategies in SiC UMOSFET, IGBT, and High-Voltage Diode Fabrication, with Sumitomo’s work in HEMT and specialized circuit fabrication serving as benchmarks. While these insights might not seem extraordinary, achieving them through Patent Summary in Patent Vault takes less than an hour.

Patent Matrix’s flexibility extends beyond comparing company technologies to examining filing dates, statuses, jurisdictions, and patent quality and value. For example, Mitsubishi’s noticeable patent activity in SiC Semiconductor Device Fabrication since 2016, peaking post-2021, illustrates strategic patent positioning.

Mitsubishi SiC trajectory

Picture 6: Mitsubishi Patent Trajectory of SiC and GaN Semiconductor Patents, Source: InQuartik

Patent Summary, combined with filters, offers quick insights into Mitsubishi’s patent focus, mostly on Silicon Carbide MOSFETs with integrated diodes, and some on bidirectional trench gate charge storage type IGBTs. This tool enables rapid aggregation of company-specific patent strategies over time.

Mitsubishi SiC Patent Summary

Picture 6: Summary of Mitsubishi Patents in SiC Semiconductor Fabrication and Device Structures, Source: InQuartik

For more detailed information or to access the SiC Semiconductor Patents project and classification results, contact us directly. With Patent Summary, customize analysis projects to your specific needs and explore our trial offerings.

Conclusion: Streamlining Patent Insights with Patent Summary

Patent Summary has revolutionized the way we approach patent landscape analysis in Patent Vault, particularly demonstrated through the SiC Semiconductor patents case. 

This tool not only simplifies the categorization process with its AI-driven capabilities but also enriches the analytical depth by providing quick, comprehensive insights into technological trends and competitive standings. 

The ability to efficiently dissect the semiconductor sector, revealing strategic positions and technological focuses of leading companies, underscores the power of integrating Patent Summary into Patent Vault. This innovation marks a significant leap towards enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of patent analysis.

Gain deeper insights into the SiC Semiconductor landscape or leverage Patent Summary for your specific analysis needs. Contact us to explore how this tool can transform your patent research and strategic planning. Discover the convenience and depth of analysis Patent Summary brings to your fingertips.

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