Patentcloud’s Latest: ‘Patent Summary’ with Generative AI for Enhanced Prior Art Searching Now on Quality Insights

October 03rd, 2023 ‧ 2 min read

Dear Patentcloud Users,

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our offerings on Patentcloud. Following its triumphant introduction in June 2023 on our “Due Diligence” product, we are now integrating the celebrated ‘Patent Summary’ feature into “Quality Insights”.

What is ‘Patent Summary’? 

The ‘Patent Summary’ feature is designed to augment the capabilities of patent professionals, enabling them to seamlessly delve into the complexities of prior arts. By concisely capturing the essence of each document and spotlighting key terms in alignment with the claims of the related patent-in-suit, ‘Patent Summary’ offers precision and clarity that becomes pivotal in critical decision-making moments.

How Can You Benefit? 

  • Harness the power of AI to revolutionize your patent analysis. Slash prior art search time by over 50%. Navigate, select, refine, and deep-dive into AI-generated summaries. Plus, with keyword highlights, capture core insights swiftly.

Navigating this feature is straightforward:

  • Access any prior art or potential prior art Patent List.
  • Click on the “Patent Summary” tab.
  • Instantly, you’ll be presented with categorized patent summaries, allowing for a quick yet deep comprehension of the innovation in focus.
  • As you progress with your selections, the feature intelligently fine-tunes the display, offering you two layers of detailed insights to guarantee a thorough grasp of patent validity.

Navigating through Quality Insights Patent Summary, users can seamlessly explore various categories and their corresponding patent summaries. With each selection, the platform delves deeper, offering two refined levels of insight. The highlight function further illuminates key terms in alignment with the patent’s claims, facilitating a direct comparison with prior art. This feature-rich approach ensures a thorough and efficient patent analysis, shedding light on both overarching themes and intricate details.

We are excited to bring this powerful feature to our valued users, enabling you to unlock deeper insights from your patent lists and accelerate your due diligence process. Stay tuned for this exclusive feature to be incorporated into our other solutions.

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Watch Our Demo: Exploring Generative AI-Powered ‘Patent Summary’ for Prior Art Searching

Join Leon from InQuartik as he unveils the power of Patentcloud Quality Insights, showcasing a streamlined approach to patent validity and prior art analysis. Dive into a real-world example, discover the efficiency of the ‘Patent Summary’ feature, and see how AI reshapes patent vetting.

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