Top 10 U.S. Patent Transactions of 2023: Blackberry’s Major Deal and Other Key Highlights

January 15th, 2024 ‧ 19 min read

The 2023 patent transactions highlighted in this report underscore the strategic importance of intellectual property in the corporate world. Among these, the Blackberry and Malikie Innovations patent deal stands out as undoubtedly the biggest transaction of the year, marking a significant shift in the patent landscape. These top deals, ranging from acquisitions to divestitures, reflect a dynamic environment where innovation and strategic alignment are key.

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Top 10 Patent Transactions in 2023

Other Notable Patent Transfers in 2023


As the year 2023 unfolded, the global patent landscape witnessed a series of significant transactions, reshaping the intellectual property domain. These top 10 patent deals, ranging from vast acquisitions to strategic divestitures, reflect the dynamic nature of technology and business today. These transactions not only signify financial moves but also indicate shifts in technological focus and corporate strategies. This report delves into the most notable patent transactions of 2023, shedding light on the underlying trends and potential implications for the future.

Top 10 Patent Transactions in 2023

Picture 1: Top 10 Patent Transactions of 2023, Source: InQuartik

No.1: Blackberry-Malikie $170 Million Patent Deal

In March 2023, Malikie Innovations, an emerging NPE, began the acquisition of over 32,000 telecommunication-related patents from Blackberry. The deal, valued at approximately $170 million, was confirmed through U.S. patent assignment records, with 9,687 U.S. patents transferred by May 16. These patents, analyzed using InQuartik’s AI-backed Patent Summary feature, encompass technologies in Authentication and Security Management, Handheld Devices with Touchscreen, Communication and Messaging Systems, and Wireless Network Selection. For interest in Malikie Innovation’s patent portfolio, contact us for a complimentary automated report.

Table 1: Summary of Blackberry-Malikie Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded Execution Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
Summary of Patents #1: Authentication and Security Management
This category includes various terms related to information technology, such as server behavior, device identification, mobile devices, cache utilization, software applications, media service degradation, electronic content, contactless payment authentication, management of media files, remote resource provisioning, certificate processing, mixed mode content delivery, transaction confirmation, location determination, secondary content provision, key management, selective downloading, data session authentication credentials update, over the air provisioning, and remote reset of password and encryption key.
Summary of Patents #2: Handheld Devices with Touchscreen
This category includes various handheld electronic devices and associated methods that facilitate navigation, input of information, and provide feedback. These devices may have features such as drop-resistant LCD displays, multiple-axis input devices, touchscreens, virtual keypads, selectable language indicators, and text disambiguation systems. The methods described involve actions like activating the device, automatically preferring diacritical versions of linguistic elements, providing tactile feedback, improving viewing of visual objects, and facilitating user input through text disambiguation functions. Additionally, there are optically based input mechanisms and reduced keyboards with multiple password access.
Summary of Patents #3: Communication and Messaging systems
This category includes various methods and apparatus for communication and messaging systems. It covers topics such as emergency voice calls, updating message trust status, processing disconnected emergency calls, cross application use of phone inputs, sending voice messages, sending encrypted messages to a distribution list, indicating user presence on a messaging network, processing messages on a mobile device, detecting PBX-mobility call failure, handling electronic mail mismatches, conditionally attempting an emergency call setup, line selection in a communication device, interactive voice and text message systems, delayed user notification of events in a mobile device, handling emergency calls on an electronic device, hearing aid compatibility in a wireless communications device, establishing a call from a mobile device, microphone couplers for communication devices, and wireless messaging systems.
Summary of Patents #4: Mobile Wireless Devices
This category includes various mobile wireless communications devices and methods, such as those involving parallel NFC loop antennas, soft decision and iterative video coding for MPEG and H.264, magnetic sensor and activated NFC circuit for establishing communications, channel impulse response estimation, antenna assembly with corner coupled rectangular base conductor portions, antenna assembly with antenna element and floating director element on flexible substrate, NFC coupling circuit, reduced harmonics resulting from metal shield coupling, reduced RF inductance in antenna contact, polarization diversity wireless local area network (LAN) antenna, shorted feed points and inductor-capacitor circuit in antenna assembly, frame for a device mounted above a printed circuit board, touch activated near field communications (NFC) circuit, alerting a smart card reader of probable wireless communication, electrically conductive and electrically floating beam shaping elements, telephone system with reduced sensitivity to RF interference, NFC antenna matching control circuit, handheld electronic device with multi-compartment shielding container, and spatial diversity antenna in mobile wireless communications devices.
Summary of Patents #5: Wireless Network Selection
This category includes various methods, systems, and apparatuses for selecting wireless networks by multi-mode devices. It involves techniques such as policy proxies, enabling transmission in slotted radio data communication systems, prioritizing network selection based on services offered, reducing transmission latency in radio communication systems, facilitating network selection by mobile nodes, maintaining communication policy settings, determining standby time for mobile stations, adaptive beamforming configuration, selecting cellular networks on wireless local area networks, selecting message transports for multi-mode communication devices, assisted system scanning, communicating cellular network information between networks and mobile stations, providing non-real time subscription data in cellular communications systems, and network selection schemes using roaming brokers. Additionally, it covers cell selection in mobile communications within a cellular communications environment.


No.2: IV’s Significant Patent Sale to Mind Fusion & NPE Impact

In February 2023, Intellectual Ventures Assets 186 and 189, subsidiaries of Intellectual Ventures, transferred over 837 U.S. patents pertaining to e-Commerce and Decorative Keyboard technologies to Mind Fusion. Publicized in July and reported by RPX, the role of Mind Fusion in this transaction appears more as a distributor, considering no significant information was found about Mind Fusion LLC as practicing entities. Instead, subsequent reports from IPWatchdog and RPX indicate the use of these patents by NPEs, including Gamehancement LLC and RecepTrexx LLC, in various patent litigations. Furthermore, 395 patents from this lot have already been reassigned from Mind Fusion to other entities, predominantly NPEs such as ThinkLogix LLC, Accessify LLC, MusicQubed Innovations LLC, ByteWeave LLC, and Crystal Mountain Communications LLC. This pattern of reassignment suggests an impending increase in litigation and licensing activities in the market.

Table 2: Summary of Patent Transfer from Intellectual Ventures to Mind Fusion in 2023, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
2023-07-13 2023-02-14 INTELLECTUAL VENTURES ASSETS 186 LLC
Summary of Patents: e-Commerce and Secure Transaction Platform
This category includes various topics related to information technology such as secured commercial transactions, encrypted files, multimedia document indexing, automated validation processing, data optimization engines, domain association in messaging systems, rules-based real-time communication systems, computer network systems for shopping, billing conference calls, associating multimedia information with location information, and bidirectional communications over a single communications channel.
Summary of Patents: Decorative Keyboard with Changeable Designs
This category includes various technological innovations such as keyboards with changeable decoration, a system for trainable nonlinear prediction in data compression, automatic document feeding apparatus with a separation mechanism, security-enhanced display devices, a method for generating pyramid fisheye lens detail-in-context presentations, a method for extracting static and dynamic super-resolution textures from a sequence of images, determining bins to be updated for polygons, a volumetric, stage-type three-dimensional display capable of producing color images and performing omni-viewpoint simulated hidden line removal, adaptive color and contrast for display devices, and an apparatus and method for attaching multiple devices to a host.

No.3: Micron’s Patent Transfer to Lodestar Licensing for Monetization

In March 2023, Micron transferred 351 U.S. patents related to Memory Device Architecture and Optimization to Lodestar Licensing. This transfer caught the attention of the Chinese website iJiWei, which reported that Lodestar Licensing, led by CEO and attorney Steven Steger, focuses primarily on patent monetization activities, including licensing. Further investigation reveals that Lodestar Licensing currently holds a total of 382 U.S. patents, indicating that the additional 31 patents, beyond the recorded transfer, likely also originated from Micron.

Table 3: Summary of Micron-Lodestar Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded Execution Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
Summary of Patents: Memory Device Architecture and Optimization
This category includes various technologies and methods related to memory devices and modules. It encompasses integrated structures with vertical channel material and conductively-doped semiconductor material, direct memory access using JTAG cell addressing, write address tracking techniques, interrupt-driven content protection for memory devices, configurable data paths for memory modules, address decoding methods, dielectric materials in contact vias, autonomous duty cycle calibration, memory arrays comprising strings of memory cells, and memory power management techniques.


No.4: Aruze Gaming America’s Closure and Asset Acquisition

In February 2023, Aruze Gaming, a global leader in gaming machines, filed a petition with the Nevada Bankruptcy Court seeking financial reorganization. By August 2023, Empire Technological Group DBA “Play Synergy,” a rapidly growing supplier in the gaming industry, announced the acquisition of Aruze Gaming’s Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) assets. Shortly thereafter, Interblock also declared the acquisition of assets from Aruze Gaming. These asset acquisitions included the transfer of 175 patents related to Gaming Machines with Advanced Reel and Control Features, and 142 patents concerning Gaming Apparatus for Hybrid Casino Dice Games. As of November 2023, Aruze Gaming Global, now operating under Empire Technological Group, announced the appointment of a new Senior Vice President of International Operations. This strategic move signals a potential rebirth and revitalization of the company’s global presence in the gaming industry.

Table 4: Summary of Aruze Gaming America’s Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded Execution Assignor Assignee Patents
Summary of Patents: Gaming Machine with Advanced Reel and Control Features
This category includes various aspects related to gaming machines and methods, such as the manufacturing of reels, rendering effects in gaming machines, displaying symbols to determine prizes, data generation methods, control methods of games, insurance modes, jackpot challenges, and the capability of repeatedly executing unit games in gaming machines. It also encompasses the processing of roulette games.
064719/0441 2023-08-25 2023-08-16 ARUZE GAMING AMERICA INC INTERBLOCK US LC 142
Summary of Patents: Gaming Apparatus for Hybrid Casino Dice Games
This category includes various gaming apparatus and methods such as hybrid casino dice games, horse race gaming machines, player tracking apparatus, and random determination processes. It also covers gaming systems with multiple machines linked by a network, as well as gaming machines that have dialog based on game outcomes. Additionally, it includes gaming machines that randomly determine the oscillation mode of a table for rolling dice, and gaming machines with controllers and wheels.


No.5: ASSA ABLOY’s strategic Acquisition

In June 2023, ASSA ABLOY, a multinational corporation headquartered in Sweden and known for its focus on lock products, announced the completion of its acquisition of Spectrum Brands’ Hardware and Home Improvement division (“HHI”). Additionally, ASSA ABLOY divested Emtek and the Smart Residential business in the U.S. and Canada to Fortune Brands. This acquisition was accompanied by the transfer of 276 U.S. patents related to Locking Mechanisms and Door Assembly, as well as Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories, including Hardware and Plumbing Components.

Table 5: Summary of ASSA ABLOY’s Patent Transfer from Spectrum Brands, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
Summary of Patents: Locking Mechanisms and Door Assembly
This category includes various types of electronic locks, rekeyable locks, field-reversible locking mechanisms, door handle assemblies, ADA door knobs, chassis for lock sets, push-to-lock and unlock door locks, dead locking latch assemblies, and gate latch assemblies. These products provide different functionalities such as user interfaces, lock settings, door open and close sensing, small increments for rekeying, and tubular style mechanisms.
Summary of Patents: Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories: Hardware and Plumbing Components
This category includes design diagrams for various items such as soap dispenser, faucet handle, spout, lever, deadbolt interior and exterior, pullout sprayhead, deckplate, shower handle, faucet, spout body, door handle, set of levers, towel ring, bathroom fixture, robe hook, tub filler, tub spout, knob, portion of a key blank, and key blank.


No.6: IBM Patents Resale to China with ByteDance Connection

In 2021, Awemane acquired 237 U.S. patents from IBM, focusing on the Social Recommender System for Contextual Dialogues and Hardware Acceleration for Image Compression and Processing. These were subsequently transferred to Beijing Pianruo Jinghong Technology in March 2023. Address and executive information from the transfer documents reveal Beijing Pianruo Jinghong Technology’s participation in an event hosted by Meta, Huntmobi, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in August 2023. This company, primarily engaged in the production and distribution of novels and short dramas, has achieved significant overseas success, with millions of downloads, about 100,000 daily active users, and initial profitability. The acquisition of these patents aligns well with the company’s business scope. Further investigation shows that the Chinese family members of these patents have been transferred to Beijing Zitiao Network Technology, a subsidiary of ByteDance. This suggests the possibility that these IBM-originated U.S. patents may now be under the control of this larger group.

Table 6: Summary of Awemane-Pianruojinghong Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded Execution Assignor Assignee Patents
Summary of Patents: Social Recommender System for Contextual Dialogues
This category includes various topics related to technology and information management, such as interest contour computation, sub-social networks, access predictions, common social contexts, social recommender systems, object tracking, web service selection, social authentication, content synchronization, and information extraction. These topics involve concepts like user-authored content, meta data, contextual inferencing, social networks, collaboration, dialogue generation, reflective surfaces, audit and compliance qualities, video authentication data, different content formats, and contextual pattern discovery.
Summary of Patents: Hardware Acceleration for Image Compression and Processing
This category includes various technological advancements such as image compression, directory for multi-node coherent bus, system level acceleration server, decoding variable-length code (VLC) bitstream information, single precision vector permute immediate with “Word” vector write mask, packaging identical chips in a stacked structure, accelerator management, implementing reduced video stream bandwidth requirements when remotely rendering complex computer graphics scene, method for detecting address match in a deeply pipelined processor design, and apparatus and method for calculating an SHA-2 hash function in a general purpose processor.


No.7: Insulet’s Patent Acquisition for Insulin Delivery Tech

Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD), an innovative medical device company established in 2000, known for its Insulin Pod and delivery systems aiding diabetes patients, recently launched its next-generation OmniPod product. In February 2023, Insulet acquired assets from Bigfoot Biomedical, including patents related to Bigfoot’s pump-based automated insulin delivery (AID) technologies. The acquisition, valued at $25M, fortifies Insulet’s position in AID therapy, integrating key Bigfoot patents, focused on Diabetes Management and Insulin Dosage Optimization, into its expanding portfolio.

Table 7: Summary of Bigfoot-Insulet Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
Summary of Patents: Diabetes Management and Insulin Dosage Optimization
This category encompasses the operation of an infusion pump system for insulin delivery, including the use of loop delivery mode and adjusting insulin therapy settings based on the variability of blood glucose values. It focuses on managing insulin dosages and optimizing insulin therapy to maintain stable blood glucose levels.


No.8: Argo AI’s Legacy to Ford and LG Innotek

After the shutdown of the Ford and VW-backed autonomous driving startup Argo AI in 2022, Ford Motor Company swiftly responded by establishing Latitude AI in March 2023. This new subsidiary, dedicated to developing advanced hands-free, eyes-off-the-road automated driving systems, absorbed about 550 skilled employees from Argo AI, specializing in areas such as machine learning, robotics, cloud platforms, and systems engineering. During March to September 2023, 137 U.S. patents related to Object Detection and Autonomous Driving Systems were transferred as part of Argo AI’s asset distribution. LG Innotek also played a significant role in this transition, acquiring 77 patents focused on Data Communication and Imaging Systems for Lidar Technology from Argo AI. Despite these divestments, Argo AI retains ownership of at least 176 U.S. patents, hinting at the potential for future transactions or acquisitions by other investors or companies in the field. This strategic move by Ford and LG Innotek marks a significant shift in the autonomous driving landscape, integrating Argo AI’s pioneering technologies into their operations.

Table 8: Summary of ARGO AI Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
et al
Summary of Patents: Object Detection and Autonomous Driving Systems
This category encompasses various systems and methods for controlling longitudinal acceleration based on lateral objects, camera-LiDAR fused object detection with segment filtering, image-based perception, testing reuse across protolane families, determining the kinetic state of a body using LiDAR point cloud registration with importance sampling, detecting pedestrians with crosswalking or jaywalking intent, and assigning a lane relationship between an autonomous vehicle and other actors near an intersection. These technologies aim to enhance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles and improve their interaction with the surrounding environment.
063311/0079 2023-04-12 2023-04-04 ARGO AI LLC LG INNOTEK CO LTD 83
Summary of Patents: Data Communication and Imaging Systems for Lidar Technology
This category includes various systems and methods related to transferring data communication in a rotating platform of a lidar system. It also encompasses the development of multi-detector lidar systems, methods for forming avalanche photodiodes with high optical coupling efficiency, solid state focal plane arrays for hyperspectral imaging applications, and apparatus comprising a high dynamic range single-photon passive 2D imager. Additionally, it covers circuits and methods for driving lasers, including those with multiple laser diodes.


No.9: Optronic Sciences’ Rapid Action with Display Patents from AUO

In August 2023, Optronic Science acquired 200 U.S. patents related to LCD and OLED technologies from Taiwan-based panel manufacturer AUO. By November 2023, the company had swiftly initiated a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas (Case No. 2-23-cv-00549) against BOE, using six of these patents. As detailed in the complaint, the accused products include Dell laptops, Hisense TVs, and the Apple iPhone 14, all incorporating specific LCD/OLED panels produced by BOE. For those interested in a deeper analysis of the contested patents’ quality, you can find Quality Insights automated quality analysis reports here. This rapid legal action by Optronic Sciences underscores their aggressive strategy in monetizing the recently acquired patent portfolio.

Table 9: Summary of AUO-Optronic Patent Transfer, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
064658/0572 2023-08-21 2023-08-02 AUO CORP OPTRONIC SCIENCES LLC 200
Summary of Patents: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Panel and Fabrication Method
This category includes various devices related to display and power technologies such as liquid crystal displays, backlight modules, polymer stabilized alignment liquid crystal display panels, and liquid crystal panels. It encompasses topics like sealant region patterns, brightness enhancement films, reflectors, light guides, and alignment techniques. The category focuses on the fabrication and improvement of display devices and their power supply units, aiming to enhance the overall performance and brightness of liquid crystal displays.
Summary of Patents: Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Technology
OLED technology refers to the use of organic materials to create light-emitting diode displays. This technology enables the production of thin, flexible, and energy-efficient displays with vibrant colors and high contrast ratios. OLED displays consist of organic light-emitting diode modules, which include layers of organic materials and electrodes. The control method of OLED devices ensures optimal performance and longevity. Overall, OLED technology revolutionizes the display industry by offering superior visual quality and design flexibility.


No.10: Osram’s Patent Portfolio Realignment with Great China Vendors

In February 2023, Osram divested a portfolio of 156 U.S. patents related to Lighting Fixture and Mounting for Various Light Sources to its former subsidiary, Optotronic GmbH. Subsequently, Optotronic GmbH was fully acquired by the Chinese company Inventronics, which had also acquired Osram’s Digital Systems business in April, including the complete ownership of Optotronic GmbH, now renamed as Inventronics GmbH. This suggests the patents were likely a key element of the transaction. Additionally, Osram transferred 24 U.S. patents pertaining to Light Source Modules for Optical Projection to the Taiwanese peer Coretronic and 8 U.S. patents on Lighting Control and Source Location System with Signal Processing to Taxon Technologies, a former subsidiary later sold in 2022 to the Taiwanese Prosperity Group. These strategic moves highlight Osram’s ongoing realignment of its patent assets in line with its broader business strategy.

Table 10: Summary of OSRAM Patent Transfer in 2023, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee Patents
et al
et al
Summary of Patents: Lighting Fixture and Mounting for Various Light Sources
This category includes various methods, arrangements, and devices related to light sources and lighting fixtures. It covers topics such as mounting light radiation sources, circuit arrangements for light sources, printed circuit boards for lighting modules, electronic components and their mounting methods, elongated lighting devices with cutting marks, fixture designs for flexible LED circuit boards, and methods of producing lighting devices.
062566/0903 2023-02-02 2023-01-18 OSRAM GMBH CORETRONIC CORP 24
Summary of Patents: Light Source Modules for Optical Projection
This category includes various devices used for generating and converting light in optical projection devices, lighting apparatus, and other applications. It encompasses light source modules, phosphor devices, lighting devices utilizing wavelength conversion, luminescent devices for pump light conversion, devices for supplying and providing electromagnetic radiation, light source units with phosphor elements, and projectors with such light source units. Additionally, it includes devices that combine phosphor arrangements with lasers for lighting purposes.
063392/0732 2023-04-20 2023-01-18 OSRAM GMBH TRAXON TECHNOLOGIES LTD 6
Summary of Patents: Lighting Control and Source Location System with Signal Processing
This category includes control apparatus and luminaires used for driving and controlling light sources. It also encompasses methods, computer programs, and units for locating light sources. The control apparatus receives serial input signals and generates control signals to regulate the operation of the luminaires. The methods and computer programs aid in identifying and locating respective light sources within a given space.


Top 10 Overlooked: Goldman Sachs’ Post-Crisis Patent Buy from Credit Suisse

In September 2023, Credit Suisse transferred 170 patents related to Restraint System Components and Accessories to Goldman Sachs. These patents, originally from various aerospace companies including AmSafe, Leach International, Apical Industries, and Hartwell, had previously been pledged to Credit Suisse as loan collateral. This transaction is indicative of Credit Suisse’s asset revitalization efforts following its crisis announcement in 2022 and subsequent acquisition by competitor UBS in June 2023. Notably, the acquisition by Goldman Sachs, traditionally not engaged in large-scale patent acquisitions, marks a significant and rare strategic move by the financial giant, representing its first major patent transaction in years.

Table 11: Summary of Goldman Sachs Transfer from Credit Suisse, Source: Patentcloud

# Reel No. Recorded  Execution  Assignor Assignee # of Patents
Summary of Patents: Restraint System Components and Accessories
This category includes various components and systems related to restraint systems, such as flush handle assemblies, buckle and frame for restraint systems resistant to a harsh environment, activation systems for inflatable personal restraint systems, inflatable personal restraint systems and associated methods of use and manufacture, web adjusters and harnesses for child restraint seats, float pack assemblies and methods of use for emergency floatation systems, ring-post fasteners, lightweight clamp blocks, freeze resistant manifold assemblies and systems, and frangible fasteners.


Other Notable Patent Transfers in 2023

In the dynamic landscape of corporate patent management, significant intra-group patent transfers often reflect strategic realignments and preparations for future business shifts. These transfers, while remaining within corporate families, involve considerable transactional costs and are indicative of a larger strategic intent. Notable examples from 2023 include:

Xerox’s Strategic Management of PARC Patents

In April 2023, Xerox reclaimed 1,734 Microelectronic Assembly and Printing technology patents from its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Almost all of PARC’s active patents were included in this transfer. In the same month, Xerox announced the donation of PARC to SRI International, coupled with an agreement for contracted research and development services. Additionally, in June and November, Xerox pledged about 7000 U.S. patents, including those reclaimed from PARC, for financing agreements with Citibank and Jefferies Finance.

Panasonic’s Patent Realignment Amid Exiting LCD Business

Panasonic, between July and August 2023, transferred 1508 LCD-related patents from Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display to Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America. This action followed Panasonic’s announcement in 2019 and subsequent cessation of production in 2021. Furthermore, in August 2023, Panasonic declared its withdrawal from the Liquid Crystal Display business, choosing to repurpose its facilities for battery production. The strategy behind the utilization of these patents, given their departure from Panasonic’s core business, presents an interesting development to follow.


The patent transactions of 2023 underscore a rapidly evolving intellectual property landscape, with the Blackberry and Malikie Innovations deal notably standing out as the year’s most significant transaction. This landscape is characterized by strategic acquisitions, divestitures, and realignments, pivotal to the success and direction of corporations. These top deals, along with other notable transfers, illustrate that patents are more than legal rights; they are integral assets driving corporate strategy, innovation, and competitive positioning in the global market. As corporations navigate technological advancements and market shifts, these patent transactions, especially landmark deals like the Blackberry-Malikie transaction, will play a crucial role in shaping their future trajectories and the broader innovation ecosystem. The ongoing management and realignment of these intellectual assets remain key areas to watch in the coming years.

Announcement of Weekly Patent Market Pulse

Following the conclusion of our report on the top patent transactions of 2023, we are excited to announce the launch of the “Weekly Patent Market Pulse” on the Patentcloud platform by InQuartik. This dedicated page is designed to monitor and provide up-to-date insights on major patent transfers, keeping professionals and enthusiasts alike abreast of the latest trends and movements in the patent market. Whether you are an investor, legal expert, or innovator, the Weekly Patent Market Pulse will serve as a valuable resource for staying informed and making strategic decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property. Join us on Patentcloud to explore this new feature and stay ahead in the world of patents.

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