InQuartik and IPwe Announce Strategic Alliance

June 22nd, 2018 ‧ 3 min read

Leveraging Best-in-Industry Patent Analytics and AI and Blockchain Technologies to Offer Patent Owners, Patent Offices and the Patent Ecosystem Actionable Insights and Better Transactional Solutions

InQuartik Co. Ltd. (InQuartik) and IPwe, Inc. (IPwe) today announced at a press conference in Taipei that InQuartik and IPwe have entered into a strategic alliance. InQuartik is dedicated to developing intuitive intelligence tools that transform big data into the most actionable insights and impactful analytics to drive business decisions. InQuartik’s lead product is Patentcloud™, which provides cloud-based patent intelligence tools and patent management solutions. IPwe is creating a blockchain and artificial intelligence enabled global patent market and its products include the Global Patent Registry™, the world’s first blockchain enabled global patent registry, and the IPwe Platform™ for traditional and new patent transactions.

InQuartik was founded by and is led by Y.P. Jou, who is widely recognized as one of the world’s most experienced and influential patent transactional specialists. Y.P. Jou has for over 30-years acted as a senior executive and advisor to some of the largest patent owners in the world. IPwe was founded by Erich Spangenberg, Pascal Asselot, Prof. George Karypis and Dan Bork, with a team that brings unparalled experience in patents, AI and blockchain.

“This alliance enables InQuartik and IPwe to leverage their combined expertise and experience to offer best-in-class analytics, services and patent transaction solutions. Both companies share the view that the time has come for technology-based solutions to unlock the value in patents. Through this alliance, InQuartik and IPwe gain access to innovative thinkers, accelerate our product roadmaps and improve our customer experience to deliver best-in-class services and solutions. We share a common vision of the importance of the patent asset class and that the best way to unlock value for the patent ecosystem is by using technology solutions.”

– Y.P. Jou, Founder and CEO of InQuartik

“We are honored to partner with Y.P. Jou and the InQuartik team who offer what we believe is the best-in-class patent analytic solutions. In addition to technological advancements, we share a vision that there is a huge benefit to be realized through cooperative development to improve the patent asset class. This strategic alliance makes perfect sense and we look forward to working with InQuartik to advance our shared views and missions.”

–  Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe

About InQuartik: InQuartik was founded with a commitment to uncover the most insightful and impactful intelligence. To do this, we utilize high-quality data, innovative software, artificial intelligence technology, and big data solutions to provide advanced analytics and actionable insights. For press inquiries, contact InQuartik’s Marketing Director at For product information, contact InQuartik’s Senior Product Director at

About IPwe: IPwe is using AI and blockchain to enable the patent asset class. More information on IPwe is available at For press inquiries contact IPwe’s EVP of Communications: For product information contact IPwe’s Managing Director:

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