InQuartik, Patentcloud Participate in Patent Seminar at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

June 22nd, 2018 ‧ 1 min read

This past Tuesday, a seminar entitled “AI Global Patent Blockchain Trading Platform and Big Data Quality/Value Evaluation Technology” was held at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and InQuartik is pleased to have taken part in this event.

InQuartik Sales Manager Leo Tien speaking about Patentcloud.

More than 100 students and faculty members listened to Leo Tien, Sales Manager at InQuartik, deliver a keynote speech on “How Patentcloud Effectively Supports IP Business by Utilizing AI/Big Data-Driven Patent Quality and Value Metrics.”

Managing Director of IPwe Pascal Asselot shares more about IPwe.

Other keynote speakers included Pascal Asselot, Managing Director of IPwe, who spoke about “IPwe Blockchain Registry and Global Trading Platform and Zuse Analytics for Patent Quality and Value,” and Randell Rader, Former CAFC Chief Judge, who spoke on “Theory and Practicum for Patent Quality and Value.”

The seminar concluded with final project reports by the school’s students. In the reports, the students shared how they had worked in groups and utilized InQuartik’s Patentcloud patent intelligence platform to research the patent portfolios of companies in the materials technology and chemical processing industries.
InQuartik is glad not only to have participated in this seminar but also to have had this opportunity to interact with these future IP professionals.
*(Seminar photos courtesy of Prof. Mei-Hsin Wang, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Feature image photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash.)

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