New Enhanced Patentcloud Features Unveiled on December 3rd

December 03rd, 2018 ‧ 1 min read

Starting on December 3, 2018, InQuartik is proud to announce enhanced data for two of Patentcloud’s most popular products–Patent Search Premium (PSP) and Quality Insights (QI).

PSP now includes patent assignment data for the China market, enabling Premium subscribers to search for numbers of reassignments, assignors, and assignees with just one-click. PSP subscribers can now also run advanced Matrix analyses of reassignment information in China as well as the US.

Not to be outdone, Quality Insights now offers text-searchable image file wrappers that are even more comprehensive and relevant to users. In addition to non-final and final rejections cited by examiners against prior art, QI now also includes Remarks and Notice of Allowance. In addition, if a patent undergoes Ex Parte Reexamination, this data is also now provided in the QI report.

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