New Enhanced Patentcloud Features Unveiled on November 5th

November 05th, 2018 ‧ 2 min read

InQuartik is proud to announce important new enhancements to select features in two of Patentcloud’s most popular products–Patent Search Premium (PSP) and Quality Insights (QI). Introduced on November 5, 2018, these new upgrades have made Patentcloud simpler, more powerful, and even more user-friendly.

Comprehensive Patent Data Collections

Here you will find the most recent information about the legal status and reassignment of a patent, in addition to core patent data, US file wrappers, and data coverage.

Corporate Tree Optimization

As a Premium user, you can easily and effortlessly locate the company you are searching for and its affiliates, with this feature.

Collapse Selections by Family in Patent Results

With the Patent Collapse by Family feature, users can now be collapse patents by family in both the Grid View and List View, in addition to the Detail View. This means that patents in a family can now be grouped and represented by the earliest patent the family in all three Views!

Smart Search in Full Texts

Should you need to search further based on abstracts, claims, or specifications, simply click on the “Smart Search” icon at the end of a sentence for fast, accurate search results.

Not to be outdone, Quality Insights now also boasts several newly improved features, such as Search Results by Non-US Patents, Sample View, and Search History.

Search Results by Non-US Patents

With this convenient feature, users can now enter either a US or a non-US patent number, and the QI report will display the US patents in the same family as the patent entered.

Sample View

Not sure if the QI report of the patent you are interested in is worth buying? Simply check out this sample view first and then proceed with confidence.

Search History

If you are urgently looking for one of the patent numbers that you had searched for a long time ago, just click on Search History to quickly and easily find it, along with a complete listing of your most recent 100 patents searched.

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