New "Collapse Setting" Feature

+ New Product and Pricing on 10/1/2019

August 28th, 2019 ‧ 2 min read

Dear Patentcloud Users,
We are pleased to introduce a new practical feature in Patent Search (PS)! Also, keep reading to discover more about our new product and new pricing plan which will arrive at the beginning of Oct 2019.

Default Collapse Setting: by Application Number or by Family (PS)

One method for efficiently going through a patent list is to group patents with the same application number or when they claim the same priorities (defined as Simple Family on Patentcloud). Although a Collapse feature is already available in Patent Search, this new release allows you to select your preferred grouping as the default setting for both the search results pages and within project folders.
Users can choose between Collapse by Application or Collapse by Family in Account Settings.

No More Free Version of PS in Oct 2019

To stay committed to providing quality data and service, starting this October, Patent Search will no longer offer a free version but will include some amazing advanced features and services such as live chat support.

New Product Release in Oct 2019: Patent Vault

A new patent management and analytics tool, Patent Vault, is coming to Patentcloud this October. This product is designed to facilitate patent portfolio management and analysis, the tracking of trends, and real-time collaborations with internal or external stakeholders. Used in conjunction with Patent Search, Design Search, or Quality Insights, users can consolidate patents, manage, monitor, and analyze with more ease and efficiency within one Patent Workspace.

Translate Tool Removed From Patentcloud

As Microsoft retired its Web Translator Widget last July, the Translate feature on Patentcloud has been removed. Patentcloud users are encouraged to use the Google Website Translator or the Microsoft Web Translator to display foreign patent information in their native language.
Should you need any assistance, please visit our Help Center or send us a message at We are more than happy to help.
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