Patentcloud update: Transaction Sankey diagram and unpublished application management among others

September 18th, 2020 ‧ 2 min read

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Thank you for continuously supporting Patentcloud. In this month’s update, we release your most requested features and improvements in Due Diligence, Quality Insights, and Patent Vault to further simplify your patent work.

Due Diligence: Transaction Sankey Diagram

Historical Highlights, one of the dashboards in Due Diligence, answers the question: “how did the portfolio perform previously?” With the rise of patent reassignments, especially those involving patent trolls, it is critical to know which hands the portfolio has been in before. The new Sankey diagram for transactions visualizes the movement not only between assignor to assignee but also licensor to licensee and pledgor to pledgee.

Using a sample IBM portfolio in the Transferred chart above, we see that IBM has acquired patents (red arrow) from Cleversafe Inc., Computer Task Group Inc., and Yang Hsu Kai. In the same sample portfolio, IBM has transferred patents (blue arrow) to Quantum Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

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Patent Vault: Unpublished Application Management

Successful patent portfolio management requires a workspace that consolidates the published applications with the unpublished ones for a more comprehensive analysis. The new feature in Patent Vault helps portfolio managers see the big picture by having their patents, publications, and unpublished applications in a single workspace.

Once the application is published and assigned a publication number, the system will automatically replace this unpublished entry and send you a notification. This feature is open to all Patent Vault subscribers.

Patent Vault: Export Independent and All Claims

Members who prefer to review patents offline can speed through their workflow with the new export claim options in Patent Vault. On top of exporting the first claim, generating a spreadsheet that contains the independent claims and/or all claims of the selected patents can now be accomplished easily.

These new export fields are available in all Patent Vault plans. Discover more about the export function and patent claims coverage here. Prefer to work online? Try our Compare feature that can be combined with Highlighter and Memo for a fully digital collaboration experience.

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Quality Insights: Advanced Filter

The new Advanced Filter in Quality Insights makes it easy to sift through the auto-generated prior art references in a smart and precise manner.

For instance, filter the 300 Semantic Search results by Patent Office, Legal Status, Applicability, and Cross-Reference. It now takes just a few clicks to find an active US prior art that is applicable as defined by, say, Pre-AIA 102 (a), and that has been used as a citation by a family counterpart.

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