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May 14th, 2018 ‧ 2 min read

Patentcloud’s Semantic Search Upgraded with New Machine Learning, Increased Coverage

This March, Patentcloud, a leading patent intelligence platform, announced a powerful new upgrade to Semantic Search, an advanced search feature available to Patent Search Premium subscribers.

To begin with, Semantic Search’s coverage has now been greatly increased to include not only the US, but also China, Japan, Europe, WIPO, and Korea. This expanded scope ensures more comprehensive patent searches and increased search-results options.

Perhaps even more impressively, Semantic Search’s machine learning capabilities have been expanded and upgraded. Leveraging Patentcloud’s global database of patents, Semantic Search’s new machine learning algorithm more accurately predicts relationships between key features, uncovering hidden insights to deliver highly relevant search results.

These enhancements to Semantic Search have also been applied to Validity Insights’ Semantic Prior Art feature. Bolstered by this increased coverage and new machine learning algorithm, the Semantic Prior Art feature now quickly delivers the Top 50 most relevant results from 6 leading patent offices (the US, China, Japan, Europe, WIPO, and Korea), all in just one click, providing a more comprehensive prior art search for validity evaluation.

“With this new machine learning algorithm, the context beyond keywords is also considered as a semantic feature,” explained Dr. H.C. Chen, vice-president at InQuartik, “which means users can obtain more highly relevant search results and patent insights more easily with Patentcloud’s new Semantic Search and Semantic Prior Art feature.”

To learn more about Patentcloud and its new Semantic Search and Semantic Prior Art feature, visit Quality Insights

Patentcloud is a patent intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence and big data analytics for better business decisions. Patentcloud delivers actionable insights through its three products—Validity Insights, Patent Search, and Design Search.

InQuartik is a cloud-based IP intelligence company that specializes in artificial intelligence and big data analytics. With a mission to organize key data and discover business insights for impactful decisions, InQuartik utilizes high-quality data, innovative software, AI technology, and big data analytics to derive wisdom from data to empower the world. Find out more about InQuartik at

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