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The Benefits IP Professionals Gained by Patent Portfolio Management with Patentcloud

Stop evaluating patent quality manually. Instead, utilize AI technology to evaluate patent quality and build patent portfolios with high return on investment (ROI).

Instantly assess the patent quality and value of your portfolio. Eliminate low-quality or low-value patents at an early stage to reduce patent maintenance fees.

Generate revenue by uncovering patent licensing and patent monetization opportunities.

Gain an aerial view of the status of your patent portfolio, along with its strength and weakness in comparison to competitors and major players, enabling you to develop a winning patent strategy.

Discover and monitor the latest trends in patent technology, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Deploy your patents as a patent portfolio to strengthen their competitive advantages.

How Patentcloud can help you to succeed in patent portfolio management

Systematically organizing and managing your patent assets is the foundation of building a successful patent portfolio management strategy.

patent portfolio management- folder
  • Easily import patent from Excel spreadsheets to a cloud database, and use the flexible folders structure to organize patents by product type, technology, or your own special purposes.

  • Gain an aerial view of your patent portfolio according your own definitions of the folder structures, thanks to the powerful Patent Matrix.

  • Use tags and memos to collaborate with your subject matter-experts and align their insights with the objective patent data in Patent Matrix.

Dig into your patent assets, accelerate the analysis process, and gain actionable insights before you construct your winning patent portfolio.

  • Maximize patent analysis insights and accelerate the patent analyzation process by utilizing our interactive 2 by 2 Patent Matrix analytics tool.

  • Patentcloud’s exclusive patent quality and value ranking model utilizes high-quality patent data information, including the relative tendency of a patent to be invalidated by prior art after its publication or issuance, and the relative tendency of a patent to be transacted, litigated, or practiced after its publication or issuance.

  • Interactive analysis results let you drill down the patent data for the avoidance of missing important information.

Extract the essence from your patent asset and build an undefeatable patent portfolio.

Use Patent Search to collect information about your competitors and benchmark your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses against them, based on the meaningful and useful analytic feature set from Patentcloud’s Patent Matrix, legal status data, and assignment data.

Based on your patent monetization strategy, use the analysis result produced by Patentcloud to strengthen your patent portfolio and maximize your ROI. No matter if it is a standard-essential patent (SEP) or not, we’ve got you covered.

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Keep up with competitors and stay up to date on market trends automatically.

Patentcloud Patent Portfolio Management- Quality Insights
  • Keep ahead of the competition by immediately obtaining a detailed patent analysis of competitors’ portfolios, including patent transaction history and examination records.

  • Advanced search functions filter out key patent data from the monitoring results to accelerate your work process.

  • Combine different keywords and search filters to better observe the technology trends in targeted industries and conduct advanced patent analysis in projects.

  • Create informative patent analysis reports and share them with others using the export function.

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