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September 24th, 2019 ‧ 2 min read

“Due Diligence,” a New Patentcloud Product, Coming in October!

Gain the upper hand in patent transactions, investment, M&A, and portfolio management.

Due Diligence, the all-new one-click solution from Patentcloud, enables you to get a glimpse into the status, quality, and value of an entire patent portfolio in an instant.

It also helps you to uncover hidden gems in the portfolio, increase your negotiating power, and stay ahead of the game.

Due Diligence features six major interactive and infographic dashboards, and sixteen charts in total, each providing distinctive insights for all kinds of scenarios.

Whether you are performing patent due diligence or if you are conducting a comparative analysis with the patent search results of a competitor, Due Diligence enables you to acquire useful information very quickly while supporting you in making better business decisions.

Coverage and Status

Gain a full understanding of the market coverage, remaining life, and pending patents in the patent portfolio.


  • Discover any co-ownership and/or co-applicant issues.
  • Examine the top 10 inventors, applicants, current owners, and their acquisition sources.

Historical Highlights

Examine past transaction, reexamination, and PTAB records, which can suggest potential encumbrances and validity issues in the future.

Quality and Value

Quality Highlights

Find out more about the patents’ potential quality risks from their abandoned patent families and the prior art issues that have been challenged by examiners, ensuring “litigation-proof quality patents” for future enforcement.

Value Highlights

Discover the potential targets of the patent portfolio, based on the filing trends and family status, for future licensing, enforcement, and other monetization opportunities.

Currently, there is a maximum quantity of 3,000 patent applications per analysis and a US$10 fee for each patent application, with a minimum US$100 charge. However, discounts are available for higher numbers of uploads.

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